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Who We Are

Vizsla Rescue is dedicated to the welfare of all Vizslas. Every Vizsla we can place in a loving home is one less Vizsla that is lost, hungry, abused, neglected or destroyed. When we remove a Vizsla from an animal shelter, we make sure that it will be given the best chance of finding a new home and we free up that shelter space for another worthy dog.

Our volunteers are knowledgeable, experienced Vizsla owners who will answer your questions and help you decide if this is the breed for you.

If you currently own a Vizsla and need some advice, please contact us and we'll try to help -- we'll also let you know about group dog walks, and Vizsla Club of Central New England events such as AKC Hunt Tests, Field Trials, fun days and BBQ=s.

So You Want to Adopt a Vizsla

Owning any dog requires a serious commitment of time and energy. This is especially true with our rescue dogs. In the best of circumstances, they are going through a stressful transition and they are rather needy dogs to begin with.

The Vizsla has a great deal of eye appeal. It is attractive, of medium size, and appears to be a low maintenance sort of dog. This is not the case. While the Vizsla may require less grooming than some other breeds, he is very demanding of your time and energy, and literally craves human attention.

Vizslas are sporting dogs. As such, they have a very high energy level and require daily exercise. Many rescued Vizslas are given up by their original owners because they are too much to handle.

Vizslas can be destructive if their energy is not channeled into something productive. These dogs need a job!

All prospective owners regardless of the size of their property must be dedicated to a regular exercise program for their Vizsla. At times, special physical or emotional needs are present and these very special dogs require very special owners.

The Vizsla Rescue of Central New England only accepts applications from NH, ME, MA, VT, NY, RI and CT.

Adopting a friend

One thing the Vizsla is not good at is being a yard dog. The Vizsla expects to be a member of the family. The breed also insists on gentle ways from its handler. Harsh training methods are not necessary; in fact, they will not work on the Vizsla.

Remember: Owning a pet is a privilege, not a right. Volunteers screen potential adopters in an effort to match the right person with the right dog. Talk to your veterinarian about owning a rescue dog, and the pros and cons of a Vizsla.

If after all this, you still believe that the Vizsla is the right breed for you, contact us and request an application.

Vizsla Rescue is supported entirely by donations. We always appreciate the contributions of funds, supplies and services. Please contact us if you can help in any way.

Come Visit Us!

Vizsla Club of Central New England Rescue
Boston, MA
Phone: 508-801-9729


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