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Who We Are

Our Vision:

BraveHeart Rescue Inc. is an organization which envisions a world of compassion and responsible ownership for pit bulls and pit bull mixes.

Our Mission Statement:

BraveHeart Rescue Inc. will promote responsible ownership to dogs identified as pit bulls and pit bull mixes,through the dissemination of educational information.

We will facilitate rescue and placement of homeless dogs identified as pit bulls and pit bull mixes into responsible homes.

We will fundraise in order to provide pit bulls and pit bull mixes appropriate veterinary treatment , to spay or neuter and to provide food, shelter and other basic necessities.

We will advocate for needy dogs and in collaboration with local, state and national agencies will work to prevent cruelty and inhumane treatment of pit bull and pit bull mixes.


Adopting a friend

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In general, Pit Bulls and AmStaffs make excellent pets,

Dog aggression is a normal trait for this breed...
human aggression is not.

For more information about Pit Bull type dogs, please read PBRC's Breed-Info.

Where Your Purchase Helps Support Rescue!

BRAVEHEART UPDATE: 12/12/09 ************************************************************************

In July 2009 the largest dog fighting bust in history occurred in Missouri. Over 400 pit bulls were confiscated from several states and taken to an undisclosed temporary shelter in St. Louis. With a number of females in the group already pregnant, the total number of dogs quickly rose to over 500 with the addition of many litters of puppies born at the shelter. In an effort to keep details of the case confidential, only a limited number of rescue groups were allowed to assist in this operation. As a leader in pit bull rescue and welfare, BraveHeart Rescue was honored to be of the select few groups to take seven of these dogs.. We at BraveHeart would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest gratitude to the Missouri Humane Society for inviting us to be a part of this enormous operation. Here is the link to BraveHeart's picking up of the Missouri 500 dogs


READ ABOUT US in BEST FRIENDS.ORG ************************************************************************

BraveHeart Rescue Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.

We do not have a paid professional fund raiser or paid administrative staff. Our organization consists solely of volunteers. Our support comes directly from you and it goes directly to the dogs.

We are extremely grateful to the many people who share our love of this breed, support us in our efforts to help needy Pit Bulls, and donate their time, money and love to save these wonderful dogs.

All donations go to medical treatment and spay/neuter. If you would like to sponsor any of the special needs dogs please contact BraveHeart Rescue.

Every dollar counts. No matter how small, it is SOOOOO appreciated. Thank you for your generosity!

BraveHeart Pit Bull Rescue

Merry Young
Founder of BraveHeart Rescue
Lakeville, MA 02347
Phone: 7747661109

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