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Who We Are

Yorkies Inc. is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to the well being of the Yorkshire Terrier. We are a very small group of Yorkie friends that have previously belonged to other national yorkie rescue groups. We felt there was a need to bring things down to scale and focus on the pups themselves. In October 2004 we joined efforts to form Yorkies Inc., a new type of organization dedicated to help Yorkies in need of re-homing for whatever the reason. Because we are small we offer a dedication and bonding to the dogs that is often lacking in other national groups. We can also work very closely with the surrendering families to insure piece of mind to them, while also offering safe and caring foster homes knowledgeable of the breed. We take great pride in providing the very best veterinary care and finding the very best forever homes for the dogs entrusted to us. It is because of this passion for the breed that we are very selective on the homes in which we will place our Yorkies. All our pups are completely vetted and are spayed or neutered before placement. Yorkies Inc. is located in Massachusetts and serves the New England States. We will accept out of the area applications but please be aware we will give preferential treatment to those local.

Adopting a friend

If you are interested in adopting one of our Yorkies please visit our site at www.yorkiesinc.com and READ our "adoption policies and procedures" in full FIRST! Then if still interested fill out our adoption application. Please be as thorough and detailed as possible and answer honestly. Also, expect us to do all personal reference checks, vet checks and in-home inspections before any of our pups are placed in a new home. 1. We cover the New England area: MA, CT, RI, ME, NH, VT. 2. We DO NOT SHIP our pups. 3. We are NOT a SHELTER to visit. All pups are fostered in private homes. 4.You MUST be over 24 years of age to apply. 5. Special consideration is given to those who are Yorkie, small dog or terrier experienced. 6. We prefer fenced in yards. 7. We very rarely place Yorkies in homes with children under 10 years old and never pups under 6lbs. Our foremost concern is for the safety of the pup, but also for your child's safety as well. Please note: we are a very small all volunteer group with other full time jobs and get many many applications for each dog we have available. It may take us so time to process your application or answer your email. Thank you for your understanding.

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At our WebSite: www.yorkiesinc.com, www.yorkiesinc.org, or www.yorkiesinc.net
Yorkies Inc. placement service

Taunton, MA 02780

Email: Cathie@yorkiesinc.com
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