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About Underdog ResQ:

Underdog ResQ is an all-volunteer non-profit organization based in New England , tri-State area and South Carolina dedicated to the rescue of homeless shelter dogs and matching each dog with appropriate and responsible owners. We plan to rescue dogs locally before expanding into other states.
Underdog ResQ's Mission is to save adoptable dogs of all breeds and ages whose lives or well being may be in jeopardy through rescue, foster care and permanent placement in safe, nurturing homes.

Like our tag line says, Underdog ResQ is an equal opportunity dog rescue. As long as we have a foster home that matches a dog’s needs and vice versa, we will take them under our wings until they are placed with a permanent loving and caring family. We proudly say that Underdog saves the most misunderstood breed, the pit bull, in addition to special needs and geriatric dogs. Underdog admits dogs from shelters. We will review owner relinquishment situations on a case by case basis only.


Our priority is to help dogs in high kill shelters, as well as animal control agencies and animal hospitals without adoption programs. Dogs in these types of shelters are in the most danger of being euthanized. Not because those facilities don’t care; rather because there are just so many dogs that are being thrown away. These shelters have limited resources and rely on organizations like Underdog. We’ll also provide assistance to humane societies that have limited resources or just have a tough time placing certain dogs for one reason or another. Also admitted from humane societies are the dogs that become extremely depressed or stir crazy in a shelter atmosphere. Dogs react to shelter life in a variety of ways – some adjust well, some show their fear in aggressive ways, some get so depressed that they don’t want to eat, play, socialize, or do anything, while others become less adoptable due to lack of exercise and enrichment. The average animal shelter is short-staffed and has a small budget, especially in this current economic climate.


Each dog gets proper veterinary care, training and a temporary family to keep him safe. Foster parents provide companionship, customized care, training, and exercise – everything that contributes to the dog’s mental well-being and behavior. Underdog provides customized healthcare, including basic vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchip, heartworm tests, heartworm prevention and whatever else the dog needs to get him ready for a brand new healthy future. Underdog also provides high quality support and education to its foster volunteer families. Together we create a happy, social, healthy, obedient and adoptable dog.

Adopt a Friend:

Please go to our web site for adoption information. It will take you through the adoption process. You may complete the application on line or we have provided it on PDF as well. On line applications are processed quicker.

The more foster homes we have, the more dogs we will be able to save. Please be patient while we build a foster care network. Keep visiting our web site for new available dogs.

We need foster parents!

We cannot save any dogs without volunteers to help foster our animals. Please go to our web site for more information about fostering a dog. Also visit our web site for information on volunteer opportunities with Underdog ResQ. Help us save a dog's life!

Become a Foster Parent!!

Donations are gladly accepted and appreciated.

If you cannot adopt a dog, foster a dog or donate your time, we have made it easy for you to make a

online. Each penny counts. It's tax deductible!

Underdog ResQ
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Email: info@underdogresq.org

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