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Northeast Pyr Rescue (NEPR) is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501(C)3 organization established in 2003. Our purpose is to provide compassionate, coordinated, comprehensive rescue services and care for Great Pyrenees dogs in New England and New York. In three years of existence we have screened over 600 applications and placed over 200 dogs in new homes--an average of one dog a week. We receive four applications for every dog in rescue so we can--and do--screen applicants carefully to find the best homes for these deserving animals. NEPR also evaluates and helps find homes for older dogs and dogs with physical or temperament challenges that shelters or other rescue groups cannot handle. In the event a placement does not work out, NEPR's contract with the new owner specifies that the dog must be returned to us

NEPR has over 40 volunteers in New England and New York. We bring many years of experience to our work and network with other regional rescue groups to coordinate effective rescue services for this breed. NEPR concentrates in local dog placements, specifically seven states in the Northeast--Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York.

Many of our dog evaporators have worked specifically with this breed for 30 years or more and now apply their knowledge to making the most appropriate companion dog or livestock guardian dog (LGD) placements. We do not work with dog transporters to import dogs from other areas. We work with dog owners and shelters in the six New England states and New York to find homes for dogs from our region. There are many dogs right here in our own region who need placement. On the average, about one rescue contact a day is made to NEPR via telephone or e-mail and NEPR places about one dog a week.

Dogs are temperament tested and whenever possible, appropriate veterinary care is provided before placement. Dogs are neutered or spayed or arrangements are made to facilitate this procedure as quickly as possible. Because we pre-screen applicants in advance, many dogs do not even make it to our website, but are placed with new owners after an application is completed and a mandatory home visit is made.

Education about the breed is stressed for prospective owners and the public. This is not a breed for everyone and our careful screening process can help avoid mistakes in placement. If a dog is inappropriately placed, Northeast Pyr Rescue will take the dog back immediately under any circumstances. Adopting a dog locally has several advantages for new owners. A volunteer will come to the home to meet the prospective owners and make suggestions appropriate to the dog's care. Prospective owners can come meet and interview dogs at centrally-located facilities or foster homes. Our canine behaviorists specialize in working with Pyrenees and are always available for questions or support. Because Northeast Pyr Rescue is a recognized 501-C3 non-profit organization donations are tax deductible. Please note that dog placement fees are not tax deductible. Families interested in obtaining dogs, please contact Applicants are then called and interviewed and home visits are made whenever possible. When an adoption is completed, we ask that a fee of $350 for Adults, $400 for puppies and $300 for older dogs be made to the Northeast Pyr Rescue Fund, which will be used to care for and rehabilitate other rescued pyrs. Those who have found a lost dog or are surrendering one are advised to please contact

Northeast Pyr Rescue (NEPR)

Phone:Toll-Free 877-528-0637

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