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We are in desperate need of foster homes.There are so many GSDs in need that can only be saved by adding foster homes to our program. If you are interested in becoming a foster home for NSGSDR please send an email to

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Indigo Blue

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Introducing, Indigo Blue. Indie is a handsome, pure black, full-blooded German Shepherd from East German working lines. At only 11 months of age, Indie shows promise to excel at high energy competitions such as agility or flyball. This guy can move and jump like no other weve ever seen! Blue is very intelligent and responsive. His focus is pretty good at this point, but hes still a puppy, so he needs time to develop that intense 100% focus that a working GSD is famous for. Indie makes a great playmate for other exuberant large dogs. But he also loves to get hugs, be a mush, and have that special one-on-one time with people.


Sponsor-a-GSD Program.

The Sponsor-a-GSD Program is a great way for you to help care for one of our needy GSDs when you are unable to adopt or foster. Just click on the Donate button on the dog's profile page and your donation will be applied to the care of that individual while he/she is with North Star.

Anyone who loves German Shepherds should check out the new T-Shirts we have available. All proceeds go to helping German Shepherds in need.

Who We Are

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Adopting a friend

North Star German Shepherd Dog Rescue Inc. places German Shepherds in need in homes throughout the six New England States, and eastern NY State. If you are not in New England and are looking to adopt please feel free to contact us for listings of rescues in your area. NSGSDR asks all potential adopters to fill out an Adoption Application. Please send your email request for an application to There is a $10.00 application processing fee that must be received before your application will be reviewed. The fee may be submitted by clicking here

Once the completed application and processing fee is received, reviewed and approved a home visit will be scheduled with the applicant and a rescue volunteer. This process helps us in proper placement for both dog and applicant.

NSGSDR does have a restraint policy and requires a fenced area attached to your house at the back or side door. This is to ensure the safety of the dog. The fence needs to be a minimum of 4' high, but doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive, nor does it have to encompass your entire yard. The fenced area does however need to be at least 1,000 square feet in area. Free standing kennels (pens) do not qualify. The restraint agreement does not allow the use of tie outs, runners or electronic (invisible) fences.

It is NSGSDR's policy not to place dogs over the age of 6 months into homes with children under 8 years of age. Placement of adult dogs in homes with children between the ages of 8 and 12 will be considered on a case by case basis. We firmly believe German Shepherd Dogs are great family dogs and are safe with small children, but because we can not be 100% sure how a rescue dog will interact with young children and the fact that dogs do treat young children differently than older children we feel it's best to limit adoptions of adult dogs to families with children 10 years and older. For those with small children we recommend raising a rescued puppy with the child.

We strongly encourage all adopters to complete an obedience class with their new dog. This helps with the bonding process that every dog will go through in a new home. It also helps to reinforce the training a dog may have had in the past, and certainly helps with those dogs that have not had any training at all.

Our non-refundable adoption fee for adult dogs is $350, for puppies (under one year) is $500. This fee replaces the funds that we have already spent on the dog you adopt. All adult dogs are up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative and spayed/neutered before placement. Puppies will receive vaccinations appropriate to their age and a spay/neuter contract will be required if they are too young for the procedure at the time of placement. The adoption fee helps defray our expenses, so that we can save more dogs.

We are sorry to have to add a new restriction policy regarding housing. We will no longer approve to adopt applicants who rent or lease a dwelling. This has come about due to our recent experience. Apparently, landlords do not feel bound by the rental/lease contract allowing dogs. Home owners must provide proof of ownership.

We regret that some great homes may be passed over because of these policies, but we feel that they are in the best interest of everyone involved.

North Star German Shepherd Dog Rescue Inc.
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