Wareham Champs Shelter

Wareham Champs Shelter

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We have MANY kittens available at this time...many varieties. Call for availability.

Who We Are

A SMALL SHELTER WITH A BIG HEART. Champs, founded in 1989 by Lyn LaChance of Wareham, MA, is a non profit, volunteer run shelter that provides care for abandoned, abused and neglected cats. The cats are provided with veterinary care including spaying/neutering, and are nurtured back to health to become available for adoption to a worthy home. This same care has recently begun to be provided to small critters such as guinea pigs, hedgehogs, rabbits, ferrets, etc. The shelter prides itself on its no kill philosophy and is primarily supported by private donations. Unlike other shelters, Champs also rescues and cares for mildly to severely mentally and physically handicapped cats. The shelter believes these cats have a right to life, and also believes the cats would make exceptionally special pets for those willing to give a little extra love. The shelter also promotes education on animal welfare including the importance of spaying/neutering.

Adopting a friend

Champs Shelter asks for a $ 75.00 donation for adoption . All adult cats have had rabies and distemper vaccinations, been spayed/neutered, have been treated for internal and external parasites, and have tested negative for feline leukemia. Kittens have had all of the above except have not been spayed/neutered.

Come Visit Us!

Please call our shelter and make an appointment to visit us. Our address is 1057 Main Street, W. Wareham, MA 02576.
Wareham Champs Shelter
1057 Main Street

West Wareham, MA 02576
Phone: 508 291 0072

Email: catlady113@hotmail.com
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