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If your cat is missing please leave a message with the ACO 1- 508 252 5421. Do not assume it was killed by an animal of prey.  Leave a message;  if the animal is found, deceased or injured Jane will notify owner.  Due to the volumeof calls Jane cannot return or update owners looking for a lost animal daily.  Calls will be made if as the above states, deceased, injured or just found or seen by someone in the area.


Tractor Supply is now offering low cost innoculations for cats, kittens, dosg , puppies. Please check your local Tractor Supply for dates.

Tractor Supply Swansea, dates  Sunday May 1st, 1 to   to 2:30, Microchipping is $15.00  Three years rabies if applicable $18.00 , ALSO HEARTWORM/LYME COMBO TEST $10.00 WITH A 12 MONTH PURCHASE OF hEARTWORM mEDICATION.








Walgreen's Pharmacy is offering Pet Innoculations Cats and Dogs.  Check out their website.  Rabies Shots one Year are $15.00 they offer innocualtion packages.


The Town of Rehoboth Animal Shelter has adoptable cats, and at times kittens, and occasionally adoptable dogs. All animals are completely vetted prior to adoption. Our available animals are listed on Petfinders.com.

For fundraising events please go to FRASPaws

Advice on Finding Low Cost Spay/Neuter Services

If you are seeking low cost spay/neuter services, check out Pet Partners, the Cat Mobile, or the Animal Rescue League Spay Waggin’, or the Sylvan Animal Clinic.  Here are the websites of the listed groups:

Pet Partners at http://www.petpartnersne.org/ 

Cat Mobile at http://www.masshumane.org/spay.htm 

Spay Waggin’ at http://www.arlboston.org/spay-waggin/

Sylvan Animal Clinic (Faxon Animal Rescue League, Fall River) http://arlfr.com/pages

There are vouchers that Animal Control Officers can request if person or family are under a certain income level.  Said vouchers are free , for spay or neuter of an animal.  Said vouchers are made available thru license plate funds.



If you would like to make cash donations to the Rehoboth Animal Shelter, please make checks payable to:  

The Rehoboth Animal Welfare Account 

Mail to: Rehoboth Animal Shelter, 148 Peck Street, Rehoboth, MA 02769 

 Other donations such as food, towels, blankets, etc. can be dropped off at the gate to the Animal Shelter or inside the front door to the Town Hall. 

 Thank you for your generosity!                                                                                      


Thank you Rebecca Smith for taking photos of adoptable animals and adding them to the website.  





Adopting A Friend

Our dog or cat will be so happy and grateful to find a new, permanent home and to become part of a loving family!

What is needed to adopt? If a potential adopter has another cat or dog, proof of their up to date rabies shots is required; and if a canine, proof of license in respective Town or City. Renters need to show proof that animals are allowed.


Please call Jane the ACO for an appt. to view the adoptable animals.   1-508-252-5421


Please Call Jane the ACO 1- 508  252 5421

Who We Are



The Town of Rehoboth Animal Shelter provides a range of services assisting the town’s animals in need. The Animal Shelter is eager to place animals in its care into new and loving homes!


The Rehoboth Animal Shelter currently does not have any  dogs at the shelter. 


 If you are inquiring about adoption, we need some information: if you have a pet, name of Veternarian; if you own a dog, we need to verify that the animal is up to date on rabies shots and licensed in your respective place of residence . If you own we need verification you are allowed to own a pet, also, we do not adopt out animals as gifts. Adoption fee currently is $150.00 plus costs for cats and kittens. They are completely vetted.

Come Visit Us

To adopt animals, please call 508-252-5421 and make an appointment. The Animal Control Officer's e mail is jane20012@aol.com. 


Please call the above number, for an appointment, as it is the fastest manner to get an appointment, as the ACO  works round the clock.   The ACO does not reguarly check her e mail.



Or E-mail sandi_ruscetta@yahoo.com and your message will be forwarded to the Animal Control Officer.

If you have an emergency or the Animal Control Officer cannot be reached, please call the Police Department at 508-252-3722 for further instructions.

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