***** PLEASE NOTE: We only place dogs in the six New England States *****

We require a home visit before placing each dog and only have volunteer staff to perform home visits in New England.
Please do not apply if you do not reside in New England.

If you live in New England and are interested in submitting an application please view our complete website at www.poodlerescuene.org .

If you feel you may be interested in adopting a rescue Poodle, complete our application even if you do not presently see a Poodle that you feel would be right for your home. We get new dogs, almost on a daily basis and not all of them are placed on our page. We will not know about your great forever home if you do not complete an application.

What We Do

Poodle Rescue of New England provides medical care, evaluation, and adoptive homes for Poodles who are abandoned, mistreated, unwanted or left in local pounds to await an uncertain fate.

Pets are Not Disposable

Millions of companion animals are subjected to euthanasia each year: many of these dogs are purebred, and at least half of those euthanized are adoptable. Poodles are no exception to these alarming statistics. Many dogs come to us as former impulse purchases. Their owners never carefully thought through a ten to fifteen year commitment with a Poodle. We also assist responsible families whose pet store/backyard purchases are not suitable companions by recommending training and resource materials.

How Rescue Works

We receive word about dogs through our hotline, from area dog officers, and from our network of volunteers. Poodle Rescue volunteers evaluate the dog: is it healthy?...... will it recover?...... will it, with some TLC, make a good pet? Our dogs receive a medical exam, including spaying and neutering if not previously done, and a complete grooming. Poodle Rescue volunteers care for each dog in their homes until a new home can be found.

Interested in volunteering? Email us at prnevolunteer@yahoo.com.

Prospective adopters contact Poodle Rescue and complete an adoption application. We are looking for all kinds of homes. Dogs are carefully matched to families, environments, and situations so waiting times for a rescue Poodle can vary. Our minimum adoption donation is $300 - $500 which barely covers the medical screening expenses each rescued poodle has been given. Any additional donations would be greatly appreciated and would help us treat more Poodles who come to us with health problems. Visit our website to see how you can become a "Poodle Angel".

Poodle Rescue of New England

PO Box 441447
Somerville, MA 02144
Phone: 617-628-1425

Please feel free to visit our website if you're looking to adopt a Poodle in the New England area.

Here are some dogs who have been adopted and are now living a happy life.Click here to see our Dog Happy Tails!

Thank You Friends

Your donations are most welcome.

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