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We have many Springers of varying ages available for adoption. Some have special needs but that does not make them any less special to us. Please take a look at our pet list and contact us to hear more about these sweet dogs.


Who We Are

New England English Springer Spaniel Rescue, Inc. is a group of volunteers that rescue stray, abandoned, relinquished, or impounded English Springer Spaniels in the New England and New York areas. We also provide foster care with the eventual goal of adoption. We are a non-profit 501 c(3), tax-exempt corporation Our primary goals are to protect English Springer Spaniels, promote spay/neuter programs to prevent unwanted litters, and educate the public about English Springer Spaniels. We also provide general breed education for prospective Springer owners and advice and training resources to Springer owners.

Adopting a friend

English Springer Spaniels are affectionate, bright, and eager to please. They are full of fun and energy. They are wonderful family pets and require a great deal of exercise and interaction. To adopt a Springer from us, please visit our homepage at
and click on Adoption Application. A volunteer from your area will get in touch with you.

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We cover a large geographical area and have volunteers located throughout this area. To find a contact near you, please visit our website at
or call us at (877)861-7701.
New England English Springer Spaniel Rescue, Inc.

We cover the following states:
Phone: 877-861-7701

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