Ahimsa Haven Animal Rescue

Our Pets for Adoption

Ahimsa Haven was incorporated in 1999 as a nonprofit animal rescue group. Our mission is to find good homes for abused, abandoned, homeless and unwanted domestic animals. Ahimsa is a term from an eastern religion that means "To do no harm, in thought or deed, to any living creature." We are raising money to build a shelter in Winchendon, MA to provide emergency medical care for animals in need, along with routine medical care for animals in our foster care program. Every penny we raise goes to the animals - no one gets a salary!

Since our incorporation, we have been successful in finding homes for over 750 animals, along with various other domestic animals including ferrets, hamsters, chickens, ducks, and even a potbellied pig!


If you are looking for a pet, have a pet you can no longer keep, or have questions about wild or domestic animals, please call us at (978) 297-2673 - we may be able to help. Unfortunately, we are unable to help every animal in need, but with your help we can care for and place many more animals into loving 'forever homes'.

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