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We have locations in Hudson, NH - Somerville, MA - Chelmsford, MA PetSmart - Nashua, NH Petco - Everett, MA PetSmart  -  Come check out our kitties!! 

Please Visit Our Website  www.happytailspetrescue.org

Before you fill in an adoption application, there are a few things we need you to understand:

  • Happy Tails Volunteers have made a commitment to ensure that the animals we place will be in their new home for life. This is why we ask that applicants complete an application form prior to speaking with an adoption coordinator. Because certain pets should not be placed into some situations, or there may be questions about a landlord's permission, each application must meet the approval of a Volunteer Coordinator prior to adoption.
  • Happy Tails is run via a small network of volunteers who take care of the animals while permanent homes are being sought. You can visit our cats in any of the locations noted above.  Please call for hours.
  • Happy Tails is a no-kill rescue which does not have a time limit on how long an animal can stay and does not have an age restriction. We will continue to house such animals as long as they are not terminally ill. Please consider giving an adult cat or dog a new chance at life. Let's face it, puppies and kittens are darling - and will get adopted rather quickly. But they all grow up in no time at all. With an adult - you know the personality of the animal you are adopting!
  • Happy Tails charges an adoption fee for our animals. Medical is very thorough and expensive for us to complete as well. The adoption fee for our cats is $150, kittens under 6 months $175, and FIV+/seniors(10 and older) $100, while the adoption fee for our adult dogs is $300, puppies $400, and seniors(10+ years) and special needs $200.
  • You must fill out an adoption application before we can set up an appointment for you to meet or adopt our animals in need.

Who We Are

Happy Tails is a small adoption program run privately by volunteers who have joined together to save the unwanted and abandoned cats and dogs. We are officially 501c3; All donations and adoption fees go directly to the animals.

Happy Tails is strictly no-kill, and the organization's main goal is to take in the animals from other rescues, and shelters that are going to be euthanized as a result of behavior problems, overpopulated shelters, or financial burden - Happy Tails saves animals who cannot be properly cared for. .

If you have extra room in your home to help foster a dog or cat, please consider volunteering. Every volunteer we have enables us to save one more life!

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