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Save A Dog, Inc. is a humane society whose focus is saving the lives of homeless and abandoned dogs. We take in all breeds and many of our rescued dogs are mixed breeds. We rescue dogs from high-volume shelters and thus save them from being put to sleep. Most of the dogs have been in foster homes so that we know a little more about their personalities. We are committed to providing a variety of adoptable rescued dogs to people in our community. We incorporated as a 501c3 nonprofit humane society in 1999 and we were the first dog rescue group in the Boston Metrowest area to bring in dogs from states that have an over-population problem. We have a shelter, but we also use foster homes so that we can assess the dogs in a home prior to sending them home for adoption. We believe in trying to make the best match for applicant and dog. We had developed a health and temperament protocol and quarantined our dogs long before it was it was state-mandated. If you would like to meet our dogs for adoption, please fill out an application ( or come to one of our shelter when we post Meet and Greet hours on our home page out an application is the best way to express your interest as the some of the dogs are in foster homes and we would need to bring them to the shelter for you to meet you once we find out when you are coming. We do not place dogs on a "first come, first serve" basis but we try to find the right match for each dog. We also have a return policy if a dog proves not to be the right match for your home. Our personal web site is

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We use a holistic protocol for the medical care and have seen great results with alternative medicine such as acupuncture and homeopathy and a nutritious diet with the right supplements to boost the dogs' immune systems. We try to focus on dogs truly in need, not just puppies, but at certain times of the year we get inundated with pups. We generally will not turn down special needs dogs or dogs who are senior in age. If we are going to bring in dogs from out of state, we choose a mix of adult dogs slated for euthanasia as well as adolescent dogs and pups who were abandoned when they outgrew their cuteness. We love working with people who want to "save a dog" as opposed to people who want to adopt for a bargain. Rescuing a dog is not always inexpensive as many have been rescued from deplorable conditions and need to be built up nutritionally and health-wise. We believe in educating our adoption community and will send you home with extensive instructions on how to care for your new dog or pup as well as recommendations for health and training. We have you sign an adoption contract that ensures the dog will never again end up in a shelter. We spay and neuter the adults dogs prior to placement and provide a rebate for puppy spays and neuters.

Our dogs are up to date on vaccinations, but we don't over-vaccinate as we know that this can lead to immune deficiency problems and we will share important information that we have learned about that. We use holistic care and homeopathy as our primary medical protocol. We use positive reinforcement training (clicker) for our dogs and we require that adopters obedience train their dog using positive methods. We work with a select few out-of-state shelters who we trust to give us healthy dogs that are friendly and adoptable. We have a good relationship with these shelters and we help them out with donations for their special needs and hardship cases.

Our Pet List

Meet & Greet Events

Come meet our adoptable dogs! We have an Adoption Facility located at 604 Boston Post Road, Sudbury, MA. Currently we have limited hours on weekends and during the week we can show dogs by private appointment. Please see our website for this weeks hours:

Who We Are

We are a humane society whose focus is rescuing and rehoming abandoned dogs. We are a 501c3 organization dedicated to finding permanent homes for dogs who have been abandoned or relinquished to kill shelters. We just opened a new Adoption Facility, but we also maintain a strong foster program.

Adopting a Friend

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Volunteering and Donations

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! VOLUNTEER! Come join us in the world of animal rescue and we will show you one of the most satisfying ways to help both animals and people. We are looking for volunteers from all walks of life to help us with the many little tasks that it takes to run a successful humane society.

We need help at the shelter caring for the dogs, as well as help with home visits, fundraisers, and more. Fill out a Volunteer Application today!

We are also in need of towels, collars, leashes, crates, office supplies, karunda beds, and more!

Come Visit Us!

Because we are a volunteer-based organization we have limited resources. The best way to express interest in a dog is to fill out the application at
Save A Dog

604 Boston Post Road
Sudbury MA 01776

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