NOLA Ferret Rescue is beginning to take in ferret as owner surrenders from the general public after operating on an emergency basis only for the past year and half. We currently have 1 ferret available for adoption and 2 more coming in tomorrow. Visits to the shelter are by appointment only. Call or email us to stop by!!

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Who We Are:

The NOLA Ferret Rescue has been in operation since 2001. We were devastated by Hurricane Katrina and are slowly starting rebuild our lives and the shelter. We are a very small rescue which is supported entirely by it's director; Laura Robbins. Adoption fees and donations are the only outside funds we receive to help support the 12+ ferrets we will have at any time.

What's New:

We've Moved! Our new address is 3550 Coliseum St. New Orleans, LA 70115 Visits to the shelter are by APPOINTMENT ONLY!

How To help:

Adopt a Ferret

The best way for anyone to help is to provide a permanent, loving home for one or more of our adoptable ferrets. Adoptable ferrets need not only quality, but quantity time. Ferrets will adjust to your schedules and in the mood to play, when you are able to spend time with them. In a shelter, ferrets receive quality time, but, with so many to care for; do not receive the quantity of time that they need and deserve. By adopting, you are getting them into an environment where they can bond with their owners and receive the love and attention they need.

Foster a Ferret

Fostering one or more ferrets provide almost all the benefits of adoption. It places them in an environment where they receive more individual attention. The only disadvantage to fostering is the ferret may bond with the foster parent. When they are permanently placed with an adoptive parent, they may experience a period of depression. Even though this is a possibility, a foster home is better for the emotional well being of the ferret(s) than a shelter.

Spread the Word

This is easy for everyone. If you know of, or hear that someone is interested in becoming a ferret owner, simply tell them about the shelter and the application process.


This one can be a little tougher. Money is tight for everyone especially the shelters. There are ferrets at the shelter that are waiting for medical procedures. Any donation is greatly appreciated. In the world that we live there are many scams that target getting your money. If you are not comfortable making a donation directly to the shelter, simply contact us. We will be happy to tell you which Vet to send your donation to. They will apply your donation to the shelter's account, thereby allowing the shelter to afford medical treatment. To make a donation directly to the shelter, you may mail a check, or click on the donation link to PayPal.

Adopting a friend:

1. Find out if a ferret is the right pet for you. Ferrets have many possible personality quirks that make the more of a challenge than other domesticated pets. The rewards, however, are worth it. Research ferrets and be sure that they are for you.

2. Make an appointment to visit the shelter. Here you will fill out an adoption application and we can discuss together if a ferret is the right pet for you.

3. If approved for adoption, we just check vet references. We also do a 30 day follow visit by phone.

Please Note:
Ferrets are not for everyone. One of the main reasons so many end up in shelters is people acquiring ferrets because they are "so cute" and playful. They do not realize the responsibility that goes along with being a ferret parent. If you are not approved, please do not think we have decided you would not be a great pet owner. Many times, it's just we feel you would be better off with a different type of pet considering your current situation.

Come Visit Us!

Ferrets are seen "By Appointment Only".

NOLA Ferret Rescue
3550 Coliseum Street
New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: 504-301-6964
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