Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter

West Monroe, LA

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We took in over 6,000 dogs and cats in 2016. ONLY 22% OF THOSE ANIMALS WERE ADOPTED AND ONLY 10% OF THOSE ANIMALS WERE RECLAIMED BY THEIR OWNERS. THIS ALSO MEANS THAT OVER 4,000 DOGS AND CATS WERE PUT DOWN LAST YEAR. These are not numbers that we are proud of but they have been steadily decreasing since 2008. We want to continue changing these numbers but we need your help! If you have a dog or cat that you need to rehome, PLEASE try all other methods before bringing them here. With fewer than 70 cages, we can't possibly keep all of the animals that get brought here. We try to find as many of them homes as possible but we only adopt out an average of 5 animals per day. There's just not enough room. Please spay and neuter your pets and don't let them roam free. These are the 2 main reasons that we take in so many animals each year. Do your part to help reduce the numbers and help us make a difference! And don't forget that we have many wonderful pets looking for homes!


We would like to make our dogs more comfortable by providing them with these Coolaroo dog beds (Dakota is shown on the small dog bed) so that they do not have to lay on the concrete. If you would like to donate a dog bed, you can click HERE...Just order a dog bed and have it shipped to us at the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter, 417 Well Road, West Monroe, LA 71292. We are in need of the medium ($24.97) dog beds only. The dogs will thank you!





Can't make it to the shelter during regular business hours? We often have cats/kittens at the Petsmart adoption center in Monroe. You can go by and see them during Petsmart's business hours. You can do the adoption there at Petsmart and take your new kitten home the same day!


Are you a low-income pet owner? PAWS of NE Louisiana offers assistance through their low cost spay/neuter program. Call PAWS at 397-0007 or email them at pawsnela@yahoo.com to see if you qualify. You can also print an application from their website www.pawsnela.org. Please do not call the shelter about this program as we will only refer you to PAWS.

Who We Are...

Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter is a governmental agency under the Ouachita Parish Police Jury. We are responsible for protecting the public safety and health as associated with domestic and wild animals. We accept strays and owner turn-ins during our regular hours of operation. Please consider ALL options before relinquishing your pet to us. We can take in 30 or more animals on any given DAY so it is not possible to put them all up for adoption. Please spay and neuter your pets so we can reduce these numbers...

Our adoptable pet list is updated several times a week so please check back often...These pets listed on our site are a mere fraction of the animals that are at our shelter. We house 100 or more animals at any given time and it is not possible to put all of their pictures on the website. Please visit our shelter to see all of our adoptable animals or to see if we have your lost pet!!

Please understand that we can not guarantee the health of any animal at our shelter. Although we vaccinate our adoptable animals, kennel cough and parvo can be common at animal shelters that house stray animals. We ask that you take your adopted pet to the vet and if something is wrong with your new dog or cat, you can then bring it back for a refund or you can choose another pet.

It is also a law in Louisiana that any animal adopted from a shelter MUST be spayed or neutered. The shelter provides the spay/neuter certificate at the time of the adoption so that you can have this done. Please don't break the law or help contribute to the pet overpopulation problem in our parish. SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR NEW PET AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Are You Ready For A Pet...

Pet ownership is a big responsibility and a long time commitment. All aspects of ownership should be considered before you look for a new pet. Do you have adequate space for the animal? Are you planning on moving in the future? If yes, what will you do with your pet? Does anyone in the household have allergies? How much time will you be able to spend with the pet? Will you be able to afford the pet? All costs must be considered: food, veterinary care, vaccinations, toys, grooming, bedding, housing, boarding (when you're on vacation). Of course when you are considering a new pet, you must take into consideration the size the animal will be when it is full grown. The puppy that is 5 pounds when you take it home may grow up to be 100 or more pounds. Most animals in shelters are there because their previous owners did not consider all aspects of pet ownership. When you are ready to give a pet the commitment that it needs, then and only then should you look for a pet.

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Adopting A Friend...

You must be 18 years of age or older to adopt an animal.
We do allow out-of-state adoptions, however, you MUST drive to the shelter to adopt in person. If you are not within driving distance of our shelter, please check your local shelters for animals in need.

We can not hold an animal for you. When an animal becomes available for adoption, we adopt on a first come first basis.
Since we do not have a history of health records on many of our animals, we can not guarantee an animal's health, nor provide any previous medical history. We do REQUIRE that any animal that is adopted from our shelter, must be taken to a veterinarian within 72 hours to receive a general health check. If that animal is then found to have medical problems, we will exchange the animal or issue a refund of your adoption fee.

Please remember that shelter animals need time to adjust from the shelter environment once you get them home, so please be patient. Allow them at least 2 weeks to get used to their new surroundings and other pets. Taking your new pet to an obedience class will help him adjust and will also increase the bond between the pet and its new family. It will be lots of fun for you and your pet! One of the local dog training clubs you should check out is the Ouachita Valley Dog Training Club at www.ovdtc.org.




Adoption Fees - We accept cash or money orders only...

Dogs/Puppies: $80.00 - Fee includes 7-in-1 vaccination and deworming (given before adoption), rabies vaccination (given by your vet at the time of spay/neuter surgery), microchip and a certificate to have your dog spayed or neutered after adoption.
Cats/Kittens: $70.00 - Fee includes 4-in-1 vaccination and deworming (given before adoption), rabies vaccination (given by your vet at the time of spay/neuter surgery), microchip and a certificate to have your cat spayed or neutered after adoption.


Spaying or neutering an animal adopted from a shelter is REQUIRED by Louisiana law...

Donations Needed For Animals...

Even if you can't adopt, you can still help the animals. This shelter is funded by the parish but that funding allows few extras for the animals.
You can make their stay at the shelter better by donating supplies for the shelter and their pets. Just check out our Amazon Wish List and start shopping! Just click HERE and start shopping!

We can also use the following used items:

Spay/Neuter Info...

Did you know that each day 10,000 humans are born in the US and each day 70,000 puppies and kittens are born? As long as these birth rates exist, there will never be enough homes for all of the animals. Only 1 in 10 will find a home. As a result, 4-6 million animals are euthanized in the US each year because there are no homes for them.

The solution is simple...spay and neuter your pets. Pass it on and let your friends and family know that they can save lives by also spaying and neutering their pets.

If you need financial assistance in order to have your pet spayed or neutered, please contact PAWS of NE Louisiana at 397-0007 or pawsnela@yahoo.com to see if you qualify for their low cost spay/neuter program. Or print a spay/neuter application from their website at www.pawsnela.org

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Have You Lost A Pet... Click here, your pet may be at the shelter

All animals that are picked up by animal control officers anywhere in Ouachita parish are brought directly to this shelter. PLEASE drive to the shelter in person if you are searching for your lost pet. Because there are so many animals that come through our shelter doors every day, shelter employees will not be able to verify if your pet is there over the phone. You might also check the list of animals on this website as we are trying to put as many animals as possible there to aid in reclaims and adoptions. Animals that are picked up are held for 5 days to be reclaimed. There is a $40 reclaim fee for the 1st offense and a $5 per day boarding fee. For the 2nd offense the reclaim fee goes up to $50 and 3rd offense is $60.

PLEASE do your pet a favor and put an I.D. tag on his/her collar!! 95% of dogs who get lost without an I.D. tag do not find their way back to their owners. If your pet gets lost, an I.D. tag could mean the difference between life and death...


If your pet gets lost, a pet id tag can get your pet home safely. You can purchase the tags at the shelter for only $2.00 each! All proceeds from the tag sales go to PAWS of NE Louisiana, a local animal welfare group who provides the tags.

Come Visit Us!

Map of 417 Well Rd West Monroe, LA 71292-0133, US

Heading East on I-20 : Take the Well Road exit (#112). Turn right off of the exit and go past the Pilot Travel Center. Turn left onto paved road (turns into gravel) as soon as you pass the Public Works Department.

Heading West on I-20 : Take the Well Road exit (#112). Turn left and go past the Pilot Travel Center. Turn left onto paved road (turns into gravel) as soon as you pass the Public Works Department.




Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter
417 Well Road
West Monroe LA 71292

Phone: 318-323-4032 (see note below)
***PLEASE READ:Unfortunately, our office phone will not allow us to return long distance calls. We are sorry for this inconvience. If you are calling long distance and get our answering machine, please try your call again shortly.

Hours Of Operation...

Monday-Friday 7am-4pm
Saturday 10am-4:00pm
Sunday Closed

After hours emergencies:
Contact the Sheriff's office at 329-1200


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