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We are always looking for adopters and foster homes, as this is what allows us to continue saving more animals in need. Please contact us via email or visit our website at www.snarranimalrescue.org to fill out an application.

Who We Are

SNARR ( Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation) is a small rescue, with two different chapters; one based in New York and the other in Louisiana. We save dogs on euthanasia lists from shelters all over the country. Our mission is giving hope to the hopeless. Although we save many healthy animals who are facing death, we focus on those least likely to recieve another chance due to physical, emotional, behavioral or medical needs. We strive to prove these animals in need, have the desire for another chance, the ability to respond in a positive manner to the opportunity; and with compassionate care will heal and thrive with a renewed spirit. Through our efforts, by example, we hope to inspire the public and other rescues to do the same.

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