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Save-An-Angel is a foster home based rescue in Louisiana. SAA is run by a dedicated group of volunteers that we call Angel's Saints. Save-An-Angel was founded in 2009 to raise money for costly canine cancer treatments & to raise awareness about canine cancer. Before long we were in the rescue business. Today we have saved over 200 dogs and counting from high-kill shelters in rural Louisiana, in the greater New Orleans area and in South Carolina. Saving homeless and abandoned animals has become a huge part of our mission.  

Angel's Saints personally visit urgent dogs in high-kill shelters. We photograph the dogs, spend time with them and send their stories out to an amazing network of miracle workers. Sometimes we help another rescue pay for a dog to be transported, kenneled, or vetted; spayed/neutered & brought up to date on vaccinations. Often times, Save-An-Angel rescues the dogs & has them rehabilitated before placing them in loving forever homes. All of the dogs that we pull from a shelter or rescue off the streets and bring into our rescue receive first  class medical treatment & have loving foster families waiting to love them upon release. 


As you can imagine it takes an army & help from the community to make these dogs forever home ready. We are always grateful for monetary donations, however there countless other ways that you can give. Below is Save-An-Angel's Rescue Wish List. Please help if you can and Please SHARE it forward! Thank you. :)


Wish List

• Wellness, Blue Buffalo, Pro Plan dog food & all other premium natural brands for our fosters.

• Wet Food - premium natural brands for our fosters

• PLASTIC BINS + LIDS = ALL SIZES!! 4 Mardi Gras Beads - Food - Blanket Storage.

• Any dog medicines that your animal no longer needs.

• Flea preventative (Advantage, Frontline, Comfortis, etc)

• Dog shots: Bordetella, 8-in1 or 7-in-1 shots

• CapStar


• Heartworm prevention (all brands & weights) *Including IVERMECTIN*

• Simple Solution

• Puppy Pads

• Collars, harnesses, & Leashes

• Spray Bottles -- Any size to spray dogs.

• Dog clothes, bandanas, costumes, etc.

• Wire & plastic kennels/crates

• Dog toys

• Dog treats

• Bones: Sterilized or flavored or filled.

• Bowls & Bottles that attach to cages

• Plastic zip ties

• Bedding for fosters: dog beds, comforters, blankets, sheets, towels, pillows, rugs, bath mats, etc.

• Old Pillows, can be used as dog beds

• Dog shampoo

• Belly bands

• Plastic grocery sacks & poop bags

• Baby gates

• Paper towels


• MARDI GRAS BEADS!! Any condition - tangled welcome.

• Digital Camera to take photos of the dogs

• Stuff to sell on eBay! 

• Gas Cards

• And anything else you can think of! If we can't use it we wil share it forward to someone who can. :) 


We are always grateful for monetary donations or GIFT & GAS CARDS!! We use the gas cards for transport and the gift cards to purchase supplies. Please email to coordinate the pick-up/drop-off of your donation. THANK YOU! :)  OR if you're mailing donations from outside of the state, please email: ADOPT@SAVE-AN-ANGEL.ORG for a physical mailing address. 



Adopting A Friend




1.)  Fill out a Save-An-Angel adoption application, save the file to your computer and return it via email: ADOPT@SAVE-AN-ANGEL.ORG 

2.)  Once the application is received a Save-An-Angel representative will give you a call to review our findings. 

3.)  If the application is approved we will schedule a time for a Save-An-Angel representative to visit your home.  Home visits are required for every applicant - no exceptions.

4.)  Once approved, the adoptable dog will be allowed to stay in your home overnight.

5.)   If the dog and family are both happy with the overnight visit, then the dog can stay forever!

6.)  There is a re-homing fee for each of our adoptable dogs. Prices vary. We ask that the approved family have a post-dated check ready when the dog brought to the forever home, along with all of the dogs items; food, crate, bones, toys, etc...

NOTE: If it turns out that the dog you've chosen isn't a good fit for your family,   we’ll gladly take them back. : )  Save-An-Angel will return all checks, or offer a full refund for any of our dogs that are returned within 30 days.  


Who We Are

Save-An-Angel is a non-profit organization that helps dogs w/cancer receive life-saving treatments, in addition to rescuing homeless animals from kill shelters in Louisiana.  Once rescued, the dogs are fully vetted and placed in foster homes until loving forever families are found.  The dogs in our foster program are walked daily; crate trained and socialized.  If a dog is selective about other animals, we will let you know up front.  Applications and home checks are required for every dog in our rescue.  The adoption fee is $100-$200 per dog. The fee varies due to medical conditions and expenses. The fee includes vaccinations; spay/neuter & micro-chip. Rabies isn't always included, especially on older dogs. All of the dogs are on flea/tick and heart worm preventatives. CONTACT: ADOPT@SAVE-AN-ANGEL.ORG for an application OR Message us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/SaveAnAngel 


Come Visit Us

EMAIL: ADOPT@SAVE-AN-ANGEL.ORG to request an application.

Please visit our website:http://www.save-an-angel.org/ or add us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SaveAnAngel

Thank you!! 

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