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Second Chance Paws is in need of fosters.  Please consider being a foster parent.




Adopting A Friend

A pet is a special friend that shares its life with us.  It gives us unconditional love, which at times is more than most people give.  Please give love to these special animals.  They don't understand why they are dumped at shelters when all they wanted was to love and be loved.  PLEASE ADOPT AND GIVE THESE PETS A SECOND CHANCE.  

 When you are ready to adopt please look for shelter dogs or rescued dogs.  Their sad stories will pull at your heartstrings and bring tears to your eyes.  All they want is a little love and affection and some happiness in their lives. Many were abused or neglected.  Please open up your hearts and adopt instead of buying from breeders.  Your next best friend is waiting patiently for you.

Who We Are

We are a group of ordinary people that have taken on the task of placing homeless animals with their "furever families"  We don not operate from a shelter, but foster from our homes with the help of our families. 

Second Chance Paws is a non-profit 501c organization who helps shelter dogs to find new homes.

Come Visit Us

Come Visit Us -     at Petsmart in Lafayette.      

Our furbabies are looking forward to meeting you.                                                                                           

Second Chance Paws                                                                                           

P.O. Box 1224                                                                                                       

Crowley, LA   70527                                                                                       

 Email -    secondchancepaws@yahoo.com    


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