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Spring has sprung and Daylight Savings Time has kicked in. The time is right to adopt your new family pet. FAWS has several sweet pets waiting to begin their new life as someone's special baby. We feature several small adult dogs recently retired by a local breeder. Yep, they're small, but their hearts are big! In addition, we have kitties, medium dogs, large dogs, all vaccinated, spayed and ready to go home!!!

At FAWS, our adoption fees are low, meant only to cover the care of the animals. Take a look and be ready to fall in love!

For your convenience, and to give our fostered pets the best chance at adoption, FAWS volunteers work around your schedule to make adopting easier for great forever families. Our adoptable pets reside with families just like yours who have opened their homes to pets in need while they await adoption. Dogs and pups are crate trained and/or housetrained and our cats and kittens are all litter trained. Everyone's spayed/neutered, up to date on routine vaccinations, healthy and ready to go home!!! FAWS adoption fees range from $40-$100 for pets young and old. Have some questions? Looking for a special fit? FAWS volunteers get to know the pets up close and personal and can assist you with making the right decision. FAWS does not take in vicious animals and we strive to match the pet with the adoptive family. If things don't work out, no problem! FAWS has a two-week trial period wherein 100% of the adoption fee is returned should an adoptive pet feel your home is just not right for them. Click on our adoptable pets listing above and call us to claim your new friend. If you don't see what you're looking for, give us a call or an email. Very good homes are needed asap. Don't forget, our FAWS foster families adopt seven days a week! Make 2015 the year you bring a new pet into your heart and your home.

At FAWS, everyday is adoption day, seven days a week at your convenience. Give us a call at 225-252-5138 and we'll work with you to adopt a new forever pet today! Click on our Adoptable Pets listing (above) and pick out a new baby of your very own.

Animals sheltered in foster care enjoy a family environment, are socialized with other animals, humans and children, and receive hands-on love and attention. Foster parents know their FAWS pets best and can answer any questions pertaining to their temperament, habits, likes and dislikes, which is information potential adopters can use in making their decision to adopt. Click on our adoptable pets listing above and take a tour of our virtual animal shelter. Fall in love with a pet and give us a call at 225-252-5138 or email us at FelicianaAnimalWelfareSociety@yahoo.com!


ADOPTIONS: FAWS PETS are available for adoption SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!!! Our adoption fees are low, only $40-$100. To adopt one of our animals, call us anytime at 225-252-5138 or email us at FelicianaAnimalWelfareSociety@yahoo.com. Follow us on Facebook at FELICIANA Faws. We will be glad to answer any and all questions pertaining to our animals and how you can adopt the pet of your choice. In many cases adoptive families can be united with their new pet in as little as one day! Our animals are sheltered at foster homes, so please call to make an appointment.

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SPAY/NEUTER: All pets are sterilized prior to adoption.


We seek loving, safe homes for our pets, and we take great care with making sure the pet matches the hopeful adopting family. For this reason we do ask for additional information about where the pet will stay, how much time will be devoted to the care of the pet and whether other pets reside in the home. We seek the best fit for each of our animals.


Are we missing out on finding your dream come true for you? Call or email us to be placed on our waiting list for specific breeds of incoming animals. If we know we will have a pre-approved adoptive home for an animal, we will not have to say no when we receive a call to take in one more rescue in need of care. Contact us by phone at 225-252-5138 or email us at FelicianaAnimalWelfareSociety@yahoo.com. Let us know how to get in touch with you. We check both contact sources regularly.


FAWS is raging a battle against Pet Overpopulation in the parish of East Feliciana. Our resources are limited. The availability of outside funding allows us to work closely with local families with out-of-control feline populations and to provide low-cost canine spay/neuter assistance. This work brings us into the living rooms of these committed families where we iron out a plan of action and begin right away working to close the gate on future litters.

Our Foster Care Providers are our true jewels. They provide safe haven to both dogs and cats that have been dumped and abandoned throughout our parish. With their help, all of our animals are maintained in caring family environments where they receive socialization with humans and other animals, the key elements of building a healthy, trusting pet. FAWS provides the necessary kennels, animal foods and veterinary care to all FAWS Foster Families and volunteers. To inquire about becoming a FAWS foster home, please give us a call at 225-252-5138.


FAWS is located in the rural parish of East Feliciana where feline over-population runs rampant. Our BARN CAT PROGRAM”offers beautiful tame and semi-tamed spayed/neutered and vaccinated Cats and Kittens for adoption as outdoor animals. Adoptive homes must be located in a safe, rural environment with outdoor shelter such as a barn or porch area. An Adoption fee applies.

Feliciana Animal Welfare Society
P.O. Box 8633

Clinton, LA 70722
Phone: 225-252-5138

Email: FelicianaAnimalWelfareSociety@yahoo.com
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