More than 100,000 unwanted and abused horse are sent to slaughter every year. Most are healthy and sound or can be easily rehabbed with care and compassion Parrots and other large birds can easily live past 50 years of age. Unfortunately many will die early due to neglect, abuse and improper care. Others will live out their lives in inadequate housing and sickness Rats and mice tend to be the food of choice for reptile owners. Most reptiles will readily accept humanely killed, frozen and thawed rodents. Please look into this humane option if you have a pet reptile. Let's not forget that rats and mice also make wonderful pets, full of personality Thousands of ferrets are abandoned by their owners every year because they underestimate the amount of care these gregarious little creatures need. Mill bred ferrets are horribly inbred which causes most of the ferrets in petstores to suffer from adrenal disease and tumors. Don't support this cruelty. Adopt, don't buy! Rabbits are believed to be the #1 abandoned animal in the United States. Many people set them loose in parks and fields and rarely do they survive long enough to be rescued. They are the 3rd most numerous animal in shelters. Please don't buy. Opt to adopt Most small animals are confined in cages which are much too small for their needs. Petstores are notorious for encouraging customers to purchase small cages and inadequate, even dangerous, food and supplies. Please do extensive research on any small animal before you bring one into your home. Like dogs and cats pet rodents are also overpopulated. Many shelters have these creatures up for adoptions and rescue centers for them exist all around the country

Over 5 million animals are euthanized in the United States alone EACH YEAR. What sense does it make to buy an animal when that many animals are getting killed simply for want of a home? Please, Spay and Neuter your pets and don't breed or buy while shelter animals die One unspayed cat and her offspring can produce 400,000 cats in 7 years. For every 6 kittens born only one will be adopted. The other 5 are killed! Click on the quote to watch the video

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On April 8 2010 Ordinance 27953 -- the spay neuter law-- passed. You can read the law for yourself here

The ordinance does the following;

•Encourages the spaying and neutering of dogs, but does not require it.
•A permit, which costs $20 a year, is required to keep an intact dog over 6 months.
•LA/SPCA will distribute permits and receive permit proceeds.
•Permit proceeds will be directed to Animal Control, which is currently operating in a deficit.

This is a major leap forward for those of us concerned about the mass murder of animals due to the outrageous overpopulation. The naysayers are concerned about the loss of their rights but they fail to consider the rights of the thousands of animals that are killed in New Orleans shelters each year. Their only crime is being born and the only reason they are killed is because there are not enough homes for them. The vast majority of shelter animals are not “damaged” or “mean” or “sick”. Most of them are friendly and loving and simply need a human and home. Don't feel sorry for a shelter animal, adopt one.

We have had many people ask about how the law will be enforce. Admittedly there is no task force (as of yet) to walk the streets and ticket the offenders. As of now the law will be enforced in the same manner as rabies registration violations. If an animal if found running at large by the SPCA or a complaint is filed proof of spaying/neutering or the intact dog/breeder license will be required.

It may not be much but at least it is a major step in the right direction. The induction of this law clearly acknowledges that there is an animal overpopulation problem and we are willing to take steps to help stop the killing.

Please, help those of us trying the help the animals and get your pets spayed and neutered—encourage others to do the same. If you can afford it please offer to help pay for a friend of neighbor dog to get this life saving surgery. If money is an issue there are several low cost spay and neuter clinics available

SpayLA – Southern Animal Foundation
1829 Magazine St

Louisiana SPCA
504-368-5191 ext 141
1700 Mardi Gras Blvd
NOLA 70114

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Who We Are

WAIF stands for Wandering Animals' Insurance Fund

We are a small, grassroots effort to help animals. We trap, spay/neuter and release feral cats,
we help people get their pets spay/neutered and we help those who love their animals afford necessary medical care when the expense is too great. When we are able, we also rescue, rehab and rehome animals in need. It’s a big job for just 2 people.

But never underestimate 2 crazy ladies on a mission.

Please note that WAIF is not a shelter. We are not equipped to take in owner surrenders. We utilize foster homes as caretakers for our rescues and adoptables. While this method provides the very best situation for the animals and aids in their recover, rehabilitation and mental health it does not provide us with the facilities to warehouse large amounts of animals.

If you are considering rehoming your faithful friend you need to understand that 70% - 80% of rehomed animals (animals given away, regardless if given to a person or shelter) will die, in one way or another, within 2 years. It's a sad statistic but it's accurate. Please reconsider your reasons for giving away your pet and make certain you are truly acting in the best interest of the animal. Their lives depend on you. Often there is a simple solution to the problem that causes you to consider rehoming. Please talk to your vet or an animal behaviorist to see if there are alternatives to giving up your pet.


Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world.
And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.

-Jerusalem Talmud, Sanhedrin 4:8


Adopting a friend

If you are interested in adopting any of the animals under our loving care please contact us. We will be happy to send you an application either through email or snail mail. We insist on an application process because we only want the very best for the animals we have helped. All of them have been rescued from some sort of unfortunate, even cruel, conditions and we have made a promise to them that they will never again be abused, neglected or unwanted. If you can provide our furred, feathered and finned friends a loving, forever home where they will be cherished then we would love to hear from you.

If you are looking for a particular type, species or breed of animal and you aren't finding what you are looking for feel free to email us and ask for our assistance. We have helped hundreds of people find the pet of their dreams to rescue, even if it's not one under our protection. Our main mission here at WAIF is to help alleviate animal suffering and overpopulation and to help humans have a better relationship with their animal companions.

Our Adoptable Pet List


Helping Out!

WAIF is always in need of safe, responsible foster homes. We help all sorts of different animals from the tiniest mouse to giant breed dogs as well as fish, birds and reptiles. If you have the space, time and heart to take in an animal that needs a little TLC until it's forever home can be found you would be a HERO to us! Kind people who foster help us to save more lives.

We also need help with setting, checking and transporting TNR cages and cats. If you can't foster then maybe you have the time to help the stray cats in the New Orleans area.

If you neither have time nor space you can always donate. WAIF runs as a 100% volunteer operation. No one gets paid so 100% of your donation goes to help the animals. There is no donation too small since every dollar counts. Please gather up that loose change out of the couch and consider sending it to us or dropping it into one of our donation jars located throughout the French Quarter. Donation jars are located at the following WONDERFUL establishments.
(please stop in and give them your business)

The Artist's Market & Bead Shop
85 French Market Place
1228 Decatur Street
(you can walk through from one side to the other!)
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 561-0046
The Artist's Market & Bead Shop Website

Mary Jane's Emporium
1229 Decatur Street
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 525-8004

Le Jardin Glass Art
612 Royal Street
New Orleans, LA 70116
Le Jardin Glass Art Website

Chi-wa-wa Ga-ga
511 Dumaine Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70116
(504) 581-4242
Chi-wa-wa Ga-ga Website

Island of Salvation Botanica
835 Piety St.
New Orleans, LA 70117
(504) 948-9961
Island of Salvation Botanica Website


About Feral Cat TNR

Please note! TNR stands forTrap/Neuter/RELEASE
It does not stand for

We cannot come to your location, trap cats and relocate them. It is not feasible for many reasons. Firstly, feral cats are used to their territories. They do not like to be relocated and will usually either run off , be chased off by the established cats in the area or try to return to the area they came from. This often ends in tragedy as they get hit by cars trying to cross roads, killed by stray dogs or die from illness or starvation. Another reason we will not relocate is because we have no where for them to go. Every feral cat colony we know of in the city is full. The existing cats do not want more cats to join, the feeders that pay for the food out of their own pockets cannot afford the extra expense and the people that live in these areas do not want more cats moving in if they can avoid it.

If you have a feral cat problem in your area the best thing to do is to Trap and Neuter the cats and return them right back to where you got them from. By neutering them you are stopping the colony from breeding and growing, cutting down the likelihood of disease and reducing the smell from unneutered cat urine and spraying. In return the cats will keep down the rat and mouse population in the area and keep out new cats that want to move in.

If you relocate the cats you are only making your problem someone else’s and your problem will return. When you remove feral cats you create a vacuum that new cats will move in to fill.

WAIF tries to help everyone in need but our TNR efforts are concentrated in the Marigny/Bywater/French Quarter areas. If you live outside these areas we are willing to help you TNR cats but we do ask for your help. We will be happy to loan traps at no charge (with a fully refundable deposit in case the traps are lost, damaged or stolen). We will show you how to set, bait and safely handle the traps and all of the tips and tricks we know to have a successful trapping. We then ask for your help in transporting the cats to us or to our vet for the animals to be neutered. Once done you can pick the animals up from us to return back to your location.

It’s really not that hard, it just takes a little time. We ask for your help because there is a high demand on what we do and we can’t do it all ourselves. Recently, in one evening of trapping cats, I drove close to 200 miles just to cover 3 locations between the city and the suburbs. By the end of the evening I had trapped only 5 cats. Success might have been higher if I wasn’t having to spend such limited time at each location. Volunteers would have been helpful and deeply appreciated.

Confinement of Cats (Leash Law) of New Orleans Cats which are privately owned, have been spayed or neutered, and are properly licensed, vaccinated, and tagged with an identification tag clearly indicating the owner's name, current address and telephone number, may be allowed outside of an enclosure, but are not to be allowed to trespass upon any public property, if so prohibited by another ordinance, or upon private property other than that belonging to the cat owner. Any cat collected under the provisions of this section shall not be returned to its owner until such time as said owner shall have the cat spayed or neutered.


Please call or email for appointment

New Orleans, LA 70117
Phone: 504-905-1724



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