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"Saving just one dog won't change the world... ...but, surely, the world will change for that one dog!"

"The soul is the same in all living creatures although the body of each is different."

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Shadow - Special needs toy poodle. Shadow was brought into a local shelter in December after suffering a spinal injury. An accident had occurred in September and Shadow could not stand up, walk or use his back legs. After a visit to the Pet ER, Shadow received medical treatment which included steroids and pain medications, His owners couldn't afford anything else. Shadow gradually began improving and was able to walk again although his walking was still not normal. He couldn't control his bladder or bowels well either. Apparently the nerves that controlled that were injured too. He spent over three months recovering, but did not completely recover so his owners brought him to the shelter and surrendered him. Many shelters would have just euthanized Shadow, but Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter is a great shelter and contacted Creole Poodle Rescue. We got x-rays and more steroids and got a neurologist vet (actually two of them) to evaluate Shadow and see if surgery could help him. The disc space between T12 - T13 is narrowed and probably affecting him neurologically. Unfortunately, since the injury was over 4 months ago, the vets did not think surgery would help him very much. So Shadow wears a belly band and has some control, but is not normal and probably never will be. BUT, no one has told him that he is "special needs." Shadow is the SWEETEST dog. Shadow is a tiny little 5-6 Lb peanut. He is happy and loving all the time. He is only about 2 years old and is still playful. He would love a furever home with someone home to give him lots of attention. Could you be the one to give Shadow the home he longs for? I know we can find someone who wants a tiny sweet baby to love.

Use the paypal button below to sponsor one of our poodles or to help us take care of Shadow's little pads for his belly bands and his vet bills. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Bambi was rescued from a terrible hoarder breeder situation. She is very sweet in spite of her tough start in life. She is special needs in that she is deaf. She needs to have another dog as a companion and to be here ears. She is also heartworm positive, showing no symptoms. Our rescue will treat with Advantage Multi and Doxycycline. She needs a fenced in backyard. She is a good girl and deserves the rest of her life (she is 1 1/2 to 2 years old) to be filled with love. Can you give Bambi the loving home she needs? GREAT NEWS!!! BAMBI IS ADOPTED!

Use the paypal button below to sponsor one of our poodles or to help us take care of a special dog's vet bills. Check out our list of adoptable poodles above and let us know which poodle you would like to donate to the care of. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Update - Colby is ready for a fur-ever home of his own.!

Colby os the ultimate lap dog. He came from a neglect situation which is such a shame because this boy deserves the best. He had to be shaved down to the skin, but he is fluffy now and just waiting for a great home. Could it be yours? You won't be sorry that you gave Colby a chance...look at that face...

Foster Homes Needed

Poodle Rescue is in need of foster homes to help provide a safe place for these sweeties until they get to their forever homes. Anyone interested in becoming a foster home should email us with your information! Please email

Tyler's story - a happy ending below.

Tyler’s legs were injured by a car and his owner did not get him vet care for 6 days. He was finally surrendered to our rescue when he was close to death. He had to have one leg amputated and the other one splinted for 8 weeks. He now uses that leg about 75% of the time. He really gets around great. We were able to save him thanks to your generous donations because his vet bills were really big!! Thank you! Your help is very appreciated. Creole Poodle Rescue has a Paypal button on the bottom of is page - please click "Paypal Donate" below and help others like little Tyler. Mail any donations possible to: P.O. Box 2333 Gonzales, LA 70707. Checks can be made out to Creole Poodle Rescue. Thank you for your kindness to these innocent poodles….

Poor Tyler with only 2 legs...

***UPDATE ON TYLER*** He can even run on two legs - He is AMAZING - He has so much spirit and will to live and love. He has exceded all expectations :o)




Poodle Rescue is in need of foster homes to help provide a safe place for these sweeties until they get to their forever homes. Anyone interested in becoming a foster home should email us with your information!

Who We Are

We take in all sizes of Poodles in need & then place them in the home that is best suited for the poodle according to the poodle's personality & needs and the desires of the prospective 'adoptive' parents. This helps to assure that each poodle finds the right home for a lifetime and is given the love, dignity and respect that he/she deserves. All poodles are up to date on shots, wormed, spayed or neutered, heart worm checked, and groomed before they go to their new home. Our desire is for the dog to become a cherished family member & in return to give his/her family a wonderful & faithful companion/friend for a lifetime. All applicants are carefully screened & must meet certain qualifications before being referred for a poodle. Please remember that a poodle is a breed that has to be groomed, so your budget needs to include this cost every 6 - 8 weeks. The right poodle for you and your family may not be available immediately - so patience is a needed virtue!

Adopting a friend

We work with veterinarians, shelters, other rescue organizations, private homes, & the other Poodle Clubs to care for and place our poodles in the appropriate home. Placement is based on the best "matches" between the poodle and the people on our adoption waiting list. We strive hard to make permanent placements for each poodle...every poodle deserves to lead a joyful life and to become a very valued family member- FOR A LIFETIME. We can email an application for adoption...You must be 21 years of age in order to fill out an application. You MUST fill out an application to be considered for adoption. Submitting your application does not guarantee adoption. A liability release is required to be signed by the new owner. Our normal adoption fee is $175 - $200 for toys and miniatures and $400 for standards - some exceptions are made for older poodles. Any dog that we adopt out to a home is to be returned to our rescue program AT ANY TIME if the adoption is not working out.

SURRENDERING A POODLE: -We accept poodles into our program for almost any reason ( NO aggressive dogs!). -We accept dogs from any area as long as the dog is brought to us or arrangements are made to get the dog to us. We drive to a limited area only. -Will will not pay for surrendered dogs. -We will pay only shelter/rescue fees. -If you own a poodle you can no longer care for, or know of someone who does, please email us with your name, phone #, & details concerning the dog...

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Phone: Due to numerous calls to my home late at night (like 3:30 AM), I'm removing my phone number and asking that you email me only - Sorry

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