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The Terrebonne Parish Animal Shelter offers LOW COST SPAY/NEUTER for cats and dogs. There is no geographical restrictions for this program. This low cost program is designed to reduce the number of animals that are brought to or impounded at the Animal Shelter AND the number of strays in our community and the surrounding communities. Spaying/neutering your animal is an EXTREMELY important part of its care. By doing so, your animal will typically want to stay home more, be less aggressive, and not contribute to the overpopulation problem that exists in Terrebonne Parish and so many other places. The staff of TPAS understands that the COST of the spay/neuter surgery is the PRIMARY reason that owners give for not spaying/neutering their pets. Now, there is an AFFORDABLE option for those who are interested. Please come by the shelter at 100 Government St. Gray, LA, call the TPAS (985) 873-6709 or visit www.tpcg.org/animalshelter for more information. Money order MUST accompany the completed application.


Cats $35.00-$50.00
Dogs $65.00-$125.00


*Gift cards from Petsmart, Petco, or Walmart
*Dog and cat beds (all sizes)
*Heartworm Prevention (All sizes)
*FLEA PREVENTION (Frontline or advantage--NO Hartz please)
*Plastic and wire pet carriers (All sizes, preferrably Large)
*Canned food for dogs and cats
*Dog and Cat treats (preferably Milk Bones for dogs)
*Dog/puppy and Cat/kitten Shampoo

Who We Are

We are the animal shelter for Terrebonne Parish. We pick up stray animals throughout the parish and we accept unwanted pets from Terrebonne Parish residents. The shelter is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, 10:00am to 2:00pm on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays and major holidays.

Adopting a friend

NEWS FLASH.....NEWS FLASH.....NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our adoption fees have changed and are now more affordable!!!!!!!!!!! See below for the NEW prices and what the adoption fee includes:

Join us at our adoption days at PETCO on MLK Blvd. in Houma, LA on the FIRST Saturday of every month and at PETSMART on the SECOND Saturday from 12pm to 2:30pm. Cats are on display for adoption at PETSMART every day during the week. Please stop by and save a life by adopting a pet.

Our staff attempt to match every animal with the most suitable home. Adoptions are based primarily on applications. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. Please be patient and know that we want to adopt animals to good homes just as much as you want to adopt.

Adoption fees now include ALL of the following:

--Brief health exam
--Heartworm testing (dogs over 6 mo)
--Feline Leukemia/FIV test (cats)
--First set of vaccinations
--Mirochip (including registration)
--Starter bag of Science Diet food
--1 dose of flea prevention
--1 dose of heartworm prevention (dogs)

Every adopted animal will have all of the above listed services completed BEFORE going into its new home.

Kittens (under 6 months) $75.00
Cats (6 months and older) $50.00

Puppies (under 6 months) $125.00
Dogs (6 months and older) $100.00

$5.00 license fee will apply to each adopted animal.

Come Visit Us!

Map to our shelter
We are located at 100 Government St. Gray, LA which is located approximately 1 mile north (going towards Thibodaux) passed the Hwy 24/Hwy 90 corridor. If you are coming from I-10 (New Orleans), you exit onto I-310 South (Houma/Boutte). From I-310, merge right onto the Hwy 90 West exit to Houma. Stay on Hwy 90 West for approximately 30 minutes. Take exit 202. At the stop sign, take a right and drive on Hwy 24 for approximately 1 mile. Turn right on Government St. and we are located at the corner of Hwy 24 and Government St. There is a black iron fence with a large blue bone sign that is seen from Hwy 24. Hurricane Preparation for Pets

Are Your Pets Prepared?

A written disaster plan, particularly in households with pets can lessen a disaster's impact and save lives! The best recommended plan is to take your pet with you when you have to evacuate. IF IT IS UNSAFE FOR YOU TO REMAIN, IT IS UNSAFE FOR YOUR PET(S) AS WELL!! REMEMBER- Public Shelters Do Not Allow Pets!


  • Acquire a pet carrier or cage for EACH dog, cat, bird or small animal. Make sure it is large enough for each pet to comfortably stand up and turn around inside. Exceptions can be made to house more than one animal per carrier but DO NOT mix different animal species together. Take time to familiarize your pet(s) in the carrier or crate until it feels secure and comfortable in it.

  • Vaccinate your pet(s) yearly. Consult your veterinarian for the neccessary vaccinations for each pet. BOARDING FACILITIES REQUIRE PROOF OF VACCINATIONS BEFORE BOARDING. Healthy pets have a greater chance of surviving the stresses of a storm.

  • Provide Identification! The better animals are identified, the greater the chances of reuniting them to their original rightful owners. Put current license and rabies tags on a properly fitted collar. Microchipping is an excellent permanent ID. Using more than one ID can also improve the odds. Consider placing an ID tag with an out-of-state contact name & address along with your local information on its collar. Don't forget to place ID on the carriers!

  • Photos! Take clear, color photos (frontal, left and right sides) and store with your pets license, health records and ownership papers in a waterproof carrier to take with you.

    Make Your Pet Emergency Kit

  • Carrier or portable kennel for each pet.
  • Pet(s) ownership, registration, photos, health papers
  • A leash and properly fitted collars/harness to restrain each pet
  • Food and water bowls
  • Bottled water (7 day supply--double what your pet(s) consumes on an average day)
  • Food supply (7 day) and manual can opener
  • Medications, dosage and care instructions
  • Toys, blankets and special comfort items
  • Cleaner and disinfectant wipes to properly handle wastes
  • Newspaper, litter box, litter, scooper, plastic bags for wastes

  • Bring your pet(s) indoors when a hurricane warning is declared. Reassure your pet(s) with a soothing manner and voice. Remember your pets can feel your stress and emotional state.
  • When a tropical storm is named, call ahead and make reservations at a motel/hotel located away from coastal and river areas. Ask the number of pets allowed and fees. Some motels/hotels will change their policies and accept pets in an emergency situation, but call ahead first.

  • After The Disaster

    Provide a Safe Environment! Clear an area free of debris. Use restraint measures to limit animals to "clean" areas and prevent injury to your animals. Domestic and wild animals will be confused because of the loss of their territoral markers. They will be attracted to poorly disgarded food, potenially becoming a threat to family and pets or becoming ill themselves.

    If your pet is hurt or lost, listen to emergency broadcasts for an open animal hospital.

    National Lost Pet Hotline 1-900-535-1515
    National Found Hot Line 1-800-755-8111

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    Terrebonne Parish Animal Shelter
    100 Government St.
    Gray, LA 70359 OR
    P. O. Box 2768
    Houma, LA 70363
    Phone: (985) 873-6709
    Email: animalshelter@tpcg.org
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