PLEASE DON'T LITTER...SPAY AND NEUTER!!!! Webster Humane Association Inc.

Webster Humane Association Inc.

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. Webster Humane Association, Inc. is a blend of Citizens who rescued independently for well over 15 years; joining together in May 2002 they became a united organization fighting and working for the same cause, to eliminate the unnecessary overpopulation of animals as well as abandoned animals that had been discarded on the sides of our roads. We are approaching the overpopulation problem from the other angle, SPAY AND NEUTER, rather than euthanasia. We believe God created these creatures and left them to us to care for. It is our Responsibility. If man is judged by his actions, then let them be kind, caring and compassionate.

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Webster Humane Association Inc P. O. Box 218 Minden, LA 71058 Phone: 318-377-7433 Email: Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

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