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Pet Lovers United, Inc., is a unique and one of a kind, no-kill animal rescue. Not only do we share pictures of UP FOR ADOPTION PETS THAT WAS ONCE HOMELESS, ABUSED OR THROWN AWAY DOGS, CATS AND OTHER ANIMALS, we educate and inform you of "immediate and/or urgent situations in this area". Not only do we post on facebook and our web site, missing and found pets, we also inform and educate you, the public, on animal abuse, dog fights that are weekly in this area, dog thefts, bad backyard breeders, dog "flippers" and community happenings that keep you informed concerning situations in your neighborhood, county, town or other area. We adopt out animals to "QUALITY" homes, NOT "QUANTITY". Number of weekly or monthly adoptions are of unimportance to us. Quality, loving homes is what Pet Lovers United, Inc. is seeking. We do NOT take any of our animals or animals that we may pull from the local kill shelter to Pet Smart in near by towns and adopt out on the spot. We screen each "POTENTIAL" family/individual for any animal, even if we are only the middle man for the animal. Any person or family, in Madisonville-Hopkins County, Kentucky or out of state is welcome to apply for a pet we may have or the middle man to adopt out. We are a group of volunteers that is trying to save the animals one by one or two by two. Second chance homes with loving person(s) or family is what we are seeking for any and all animals. Pet Lovers United's facebook page is full of pictures of animals up for adoption, missing-found pets and community need to know matters concerning animals. In 2015, Pet Lovers United, Inc. produced a NEW facebook page for "just missing" pets, Missing Hopkins Co & Ky Pets. Pet Lovers United, Inc., was the first no-kill animal rescue around Madisonville-Hopkins County when formed over 25 years ago besides loving individuals rescuing from their home on a one by one basis.

Who We Are

We are a LEGIT 501 (c) 3, no-kill animal organization in Hopkins County. Pet Lovers United, Inc. does not have a building location to house our animals. Therefore, we must place them in foster homes. We periodically board pet(s) in emergency cases (boarding two housebroken dogs at present). When boarding animals to save their life (lives), it requires many donations to pay monthly boarding. We do not receive "free" boarding for our animals. We are all volunteers. We operate off of fundraisers and the public's donations. We warn the public of hazards to the animals in Hopkins County like weekly, illegal dog fighting, dog theft for the dog fights, dog theft for resale to research laboratories, bad breeders obtaining "free" or "found" house pets for their breeding endeavors. We have wonderful inside, outside dogs and cats (all ages, breeds, color and size) plus a list of "barn/farm cats" up for adoption. See pictures on the following page(s). Currently, it is taking $390 per month to care for the animals in our care. This does not include any vetting that may be required by those animals or any "emergency assistance" we provide to animals in the community that may need vetting to help live a happy, normal life with their owner (if we have your assistance). If you are interested in any of our animals, please send all required information requested in "Adopting A Friend" area. This DOES NOT bind you to our animals. You are welcome to back out at any time. Most of our animals are taken to one of the vet offices Pet Lovers United, Inc., chooses to have any necessary work...spay/neuter/shots, given. *Any new pet owner must provide all requested information and you WILL be screened and home visit if we do not know you personally. Remember, Pet Lovers United, Inc. is on Facebook. Since losing our business phone due to the fast slowing of the economy, it has made it extremely difficulty (but NOT IMPOSSIBLE) on our rescue to communicate with the public to get our animals adopted. However, anyone interested in adopting or assisting this rescue, may contact us at our email address at Remember, there are two Belinda Adcocks in Madisonville. The Belinda Adcock that works with animals and this rescue can always be reached at the email address listed. Our Belinda Adcock is NOT the Belinda Adcock listed in the phone directory on McLeod Lane in Madisonville or related to any Adcock in the phone directory in Hopkins County. You may reach our Belinda Adcock at Our web site address is: We, as a village, save one pet at a time. If you would like to send a tax deductible donation since we are a 501 c 3 rescue (all positions are volunteer and no overhead cost). All donations go 100% on the animals up for adoption and/or relocating animals like feral cats to loving farm homes, after being tested for all disease and spayed/neutered. Mail your donation to Pet Lovers United, Inc., PO Box 1701, Madisonville, Kentucky 42431. No donation is too small. We are trying to help families that have lost their job(s) and if you would like to know what type of dog food we need, please contact us today. We have many, many wonderful dogs and cats (inside and/or outside) up for adoption. Some may already be spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped!

Adopting a Friend

There is "NO ON LINE APPLICATION", Provide all information requested below in an email to Pet Lovers United, Inc., at We adopt to out of town and out of state residents. You must pick up your new family member or be willing to meet most of the way to where the animal is located. If you are interested in any of our pets, you must FIRST provide all answers to the questions below (there is NO application on line at this time). Pet Lovers United, Inc. (PLU) request the name and telephone number of two references (we discourage using relatives as references--can be co-worker, teacher, landlord, neighbor or friend) (next to each reference your relationship to reference) and the name, physical address and phone number of your existing vet (or the vet you plan to use if no current pet) and how long you have used this vet. If present vet is less than five years used, include past vet information also. We appreciate you providing your personal information such as your name, partner's name (married or live-in), physical home address, home telephone number (along with a cell phone number) city, state and zip, email address, do you own or rent, do you live in a house, trailer or apartment, provide name and telephone number of landlord (if renting), if you have existing pets, inside/outside, are existing pets updated on vaccinations and are they spayed/neutered, children in the home, ages of children, do you have a fenced yard or how do you restrain a pet when it goes out for potty breaks? *Please provide area codes for all telephone numbers.* All new parents must sign an adoption contract. Adoption fee will depend on the amount PLU must pay for any vetting such as shots, spay/neuter, heartworm treatment, medical treatment, boarding, etc. ** For potential pet owners who live outside of the Madisonville/Hopkins County area, we will ask the nearest no-kill rescue/shelter or a rescue person to perform a home visit for us BEFORE the adoption can be approved**. Each pet may have a different asking donation. Adoption fee is non-refundable after seven days and only if pet is returned within that first seven days. **An adoption application will be added in the future. Please watch for it.** All pet owners that adopt a dog from/through Pet Lovers United, Inc. must ALWAYS take dog out on a safe restraint of some type or have a fenced yard-FIRM. An adoption contract is required. ** **We DO NOT ship dogs; you must go to the location (town/state) where the pet(s) is/are or in some cases we or a friend of the rescue will meet you half or some of the distance. ** Disclaimer: In our effort to find the best possible forever home for each animal, Pet Lovers United, Inc., ask that you provide all requested information to the best of your ability and honestly. Incomplete or falsified information will not be considered and/or will result in an automatic denial so we ask that you please be thorough. Pet Lovers United, Inc., reserves the right to deny adoption for any reason at its sole discretion, for the safety and welfare of both animal(s) and applicant. All adults in the household must have prior knowledge of a prospective adoption in addition to being in agreement. You must be 18 years of age or older to apply for our pet(s) up for adoption. *When you apply for any of our animals, please remember to call your vet(s) and give your permission to release medical information for any past or existing pets to Pet Lovers United. Without this information, the adoption process is incomplete and the adoption cannot go forward. Thank you, Pet Lovers United, Inc. (PLU).

Come Visit Us!

If you would like us to help assist finding your pet/stray a new, loving home, please provide all the information you know or can guess. Name of pet, age of pet, breed of pet, are they inside, are they outside, housebroken, litter box trained, do they accept dogs, do they accept cats, can they live with children, do they need a fenced yard, do they need a leash when on potty breaks, what do they eat, are they spayed/neutered, shots up-to-date. Three pictures (front, side, any type view) pictures need to be sent in "JPG" format only, 200 pix or less (NO LARGER), close but not blurry.
Pet Lovers United, Inc.
PO Box 1701

Madisonville, KY 42431
270-875-7170m Texting At All Times

*emails checked often, See animals that have been ADOPTED

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