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Please visit our main web site at http://www.bluegrassbassetrescue.org to view our featured pets. Who We Are Bluegrass Basset Rescue is a organization dedicated to the rescue and care of neglected and abandoned basset hounds in Kentucky. We have years of experience working not only with basset rescues in other states, but also with being owned and operated by bassets ourselves for years as well. :)

At the present time, as much as we'd like to help every dog that comes to our attention, we are NOT able to accept basset mixes. It has been the experience of our members who have worked with basset rescue for years that people GENERALLY do not contact a basset rescue looking for a basset mix. Mixes stand a much better chance of adoption if they are in an actual shelter, as at least they have exposure to real people coming to the shelters looking for a new family addition. Mixes will be posted under special circumstances.

Adopting a friend

Adoption procedures are fairly standard across the basset rescue community. We have an application process wherein we ask for references (vet and personal) and do home visits to make sure that you and the basset are a good fit for each other. While your heart may be set on a certain basset, please don't be offended if we decide that particular basset isn't the ideal fit for your home; our concern lies with finding the individual basset the best possible home for his/her needs. We adopt only as indoor pets. We also do not allow them to be used for hunting. Most bassets require a fenced yard for their own protection as they have a habit of following their noses and wandering off--unless you live in an apartment/condo. SOME have very specific needs, like no children under age 6, no other dogs in the home, etc... We view each adoption on its own merits--no blanket rejections based on family size, profession (military, for instance), home size, etc...

Puppies less than 6 months - $200
Dogs 6-12mos - $200
Dogs 1-6 years - $150
Seniors 7 and over- $100
Two bassets as a pair - $275.

This fee covers neuter/spay, all shots (DHPP, bordatella and rabies), worming, heartworm test and prevention, flea treatment--and any other medical care/procedures deemed necessary to make the basset healthy.

Come Visit Us!

We are a rescue organization. We are not an animal shelter nor do we have a shelter facility. Our bassets are in foster care in the private homes of volunteers.

Bluegrass Basset Rescue, Inc.
Hopkinsville KY

Susan Intessimone, Director, Bluegrass Basset Rescue, Inc.
Phone: (270) 305-1511

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