81 Shelter Lane
Murray, KY 42071
Phone: 270-759-4141
Email: animalshelter@murray-ky.net
Hours: Mon.-Fri.10am-4pm and Sat.10am-3pm, closed on federal and other holidays

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Murray-Calloway County Animal Shelter Adoption Procedure


The animal shelter’s mission is to reduce the homeless dog and cat population through adoption of spayed and neutered animals into forever homes.


Adoptions are done as quickly as possible. The validation process is thorough and varies only by how accurate the information is that we are given and how quickly information can be confirmed. Maximum processing time is a day or two. The shelter director has the right to deny any application not in the best interest of the animal or if false information is supplied or intentionally omitted.


We are county-run Animal Shelter in Calloway County.  The shelter is Open-Admission and is almost always operating at capacity.  Murray-Calloway Animal Shelter has a very high “turnover rate” due to the ever-rising number of homeless pets, both stray and owner turn- in. Their time at the shelter is limited and the pet you are viewing may no longer be available. 


Please Call To Check on Availability of Animals as they may have a stray-hold period (5-day Hold on Dogs and No Hold typically on Cats) or may no longer be available.  Our volunteers do the best they can to update this site.   If you don’t see exactly the cat or dog you’re looking for on the site, please stop in to the shelter and meet them today!


Our employees are available to answer any questions prior to and following adoption. The experience of being in a shelter is traumatic and distressing for our animal friends. We try hard to make animals comfortable during their stay with us. Pet ownership is a big responsibility. Please research your decision to adopt before you apply.


The following guidelines are in place to help ensure a successful adoption: 

You must be at least 21 years of age to adopt.

 ·     The adoption fee is $20.00. If the cat or kitten has received vet services through the Friends of the Shelter Program, the adoption fee may vary to reflect the amount of care and resources that the cat has been given ($20-$75). The fee will be specified with the care provided.

·     The shelter director approves all applications.

·     Same day adoptions may be done if you have an approved application on file.

·     Adoptions are made to applicants only. We do not adopt pets to be given as gifts.

·     If you rent your home, please provide your landlord’s name and telephone number so we may verify pets are allowed.

·     We will contact your veterinarian to insure current pets are in good health and up-to-date on vaccinations. We will also inquire about a previous pet’s vet care.

·     Responsible pet ownership begins with sterilization, thus adopted animals must be spayed/neutered before being released by our facility. If your newly adopted pet has not been altered, then an appointment must be made by you at the veterinarian of your choice for this procedure. An animal shelter representative will then take your new pet to your chosen vet, where the animal will be released to you once surgery is complete and the animal is well enough to go home. You will be responsible for the cost of this procedure. Low-income spay/neuter assistance is available through the Humane Society of Calloway County. Please ask someone at the front desk for a form.

·     If your newly adopted pet is too young for sterilization, then a $75.00 good-faith deposit will be collected at the time of adoption. If paying this fee by check, the check will be cashed. This added spay/neuter step will help stem the tide of animals that end up in shelters, many ultimately facing euthanization. Sterilization of dogs is typically done at five to six months old, female cats may be done at 13 weeks or at least three pounds and male cats at 16 weeks of age. Once sterilization has been completed, take or mail proof of surgery to the Humane Society of Calloway County, 607 Poplar St. (in the Weaks Center), Murray, KY 42071. Your $75.00 deposit will be reimbursed, typically within one week.

·     An owner-surrendered animal is immediately available for adoption. A stray dog must be held for five days to give the owner an opportunity to reclaim the dog. During this timeframe, applications will be accepted in the event the dog is unclaimed.  

·     We cannot “hold” an animal while a decision is being made on whether or not to submit an application.

The Humane Society of Calloway County offers assistance for spays and neuters (must apply and meet requirements). Applications are available at the shelter or humane society.

Although the shelter cannot foster pets out to homes, the Humane Society of Calloway County is always in need of responsible folks who are willing to offer good temporary homes for our orphaned animals. Some foster candidates are shelter animals who are on their way to rescue groups in other areas, but are required to be housed outside of the shelter population for a short time. These animals generally need foster care for only about a couple of weeks. Other animals need a comfortable, safe home while they await adoption. In these cases, fosters provide relief from shelter life until the animal finds it's new family.

If you are in a position to open your home to one of our animals in need, please contact the Humane Society of Calloway County at (270) 759-1884. You can also download a fostercare application at www.forthepets.org. Knowing that you've directly affected the life of an animal in need is a rewarding experience! Please join us in our efforts to rescue shelter animals whenever possible.

Pet Food Recall Information
Check to see if your pet's food is on the Pet Food Recall list and get other valuable information on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's website here.

The following information has been taken from the N.P.F. website:

Every minute may count!
National News reported on April 2nd, 2007 that "some of the lucky pets are the ones that die fast" referring to the possible long-lasting sicknesses of pets from the recalled food.

Sign up for the "Recall Email List" and get notified immediately with any new information as soon as it comes out.


The shelter currently has one cage with a cat or kitten at Tractor Supply Store in Murray, and two cages at Orscheln Farm and Home Store in Murray.

In addition, cats and kittens find homes through the

Humane Society's Cat Adoption Program which rescues cats from the shelter into foster care after visiting the vet for updated or necessary vet care.

Please visit the Humane Society of Calloway County website for information on their many programs and to find out how YOU can help benefit homeless pets!


The Humane Society's Dog Adoption Program rescues many dogs and puppies from the shelter, provides them with vet care, and moves them into foster homes to wait for a forever home. Dogs and puppies are also assisted by "Puppy and Small Dog Rescue" through the North Shore Animal League, breed rescues, and our Petfinder website.


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Friends of the Shelter is a program that is through the Humane Society of Calloway County. This program accepts donations which goes towards helping to provide vet care to shelter pets, such as spay and neutering, antibiotics or needed grooming. These services often help to improve the adoptability of the pet and spay/neuter assist in combatting pet overpopulation by adopting out already fixed cats. Volunteers also post the shelter animals on the Petfinder.com website to increase awareness and visibility. Visit the Humane Society of Calloway County's website for more information or dates on clinics www.forthepets.org

Adopting a friend

WHEN YOU TAKE YOUR NEW PET HOME:  There is no guarantee a healthy-appearing animal is not incubating an illness which may become obvious after you take him/her home. We suggest you take your new pet to your veterinarian immediately upon adoption. Any animal adopted into a multiple pet household should be confined from the rest of the pets for 10-14 days. This will allow time for any communicable illnesses to appear and be treated by your veterinarian without spreading to other pets. If within seven days from the date of adoption a serious health problem is discovered, you may return the animal to our shelter. Your $20.00 adoption fee will be refunded or arrangements made to adopt another animal. No other vet fees or expenses will be reimbursed.

Microchip Information

Help your pet find his way home!
Only 15% of dogs are returned to their owners and 2% of cats (HSUS). If shelters routinely scanned, and more owners microchipped their pets...more could be returned.

 A microchip the size of a grain of rice is inserted between the shoulder blades of a dog in a relatively painless and quick procedure. Each microchip transponder has a unique number which enables a shelter or veterinary clinic to scan the animal for this number which will be registered with a national database allowing the owner to be contacted when the pet is found. Local veterinary offices, the animal shelter and Humane Society have scanners to read these microchips.

The Humane Society of Calloway County and various other area groups offer inexpensive microchipping several times a year. This simple procedure can be your pet's ticket home should he become lost!


Santa Claws Photos

Decemeber 11, 2010 saturday, 11-5 p.m.

$10 donation for framed 4 x 6 digital photo

Where?  Weaks Center, 607 Poplar St. Murray, KY

Sponsored by Humane Society of Calloway County Cat Adoption Volunteers


 Humane Society of Calloway County Friends of the Shelter Cat Support Program

We are seeking businesses or private individuals to sponsor the Spay or Neuter of a shelter cat or kitten older than 5 months. The cost is $45.00 to sponsor a spay and $40.00 to sponsor a neuter, which is tax-deductable. This donation also covers a rabies vaccination. This helps the kitty by increasing its adoptability and, therefore, chance for finding a Forever Home. And, will have long-reaching impact in preventing overpopulation.

If you are interested as a business or private sponsor in sponsoring the vet care of a cat at the shelter, please call the Humane Society of Calloway County Friends of the Shelter Cat Coordinator at friends.shelter@yahoo.com and the coordinator will be happy to give you more information regarding this wonderful program. It truly saves a life.


The Murray-Calloway County Animal Shelter relies heavily on donations, either monetary or the necessary supplies to better the care and treatment of all animals within our shelter. If you are interested in helping us to achieve these goals, please consider a cash donation. We greatly appreciate the help from all of our supporters. We would not be able to function so well without you.

Necessary Supplies and Wish List

During the day-to-day running of the shelter, there are many supplies that are necessary to keep the shelter clean, and the runs and cages clean and sanitary for all of the animals. The amount of supplies we go through can be astronomical at times. We need your help to keep these supplies in stock for when we need them:
Our Wish List
  • dog food (dry)
  • puppy food (dry)
  • cat food (dry)
  • kitten food (dry)
  • dog and cat treats
  • dog and cat toys
  • leashes
  • medium dog collars
  • grooming clipeprs
  • kitty litter
  • dog and cat shampoo
  • towels (old or new)
  • puppy & kitten vaccines
  • flea/tick treatment
  • antibacterial cream
  • fungal cream
  • q-tips
  • gauze
  • cotton balls
  • Items for donation may be brought to the shelter at 81 Shelter Lane in Murray, KY
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    Come Visit Us!

    Please SPAY and NEUTER YOUR PETS!  There are not enough homes for them all.......


    CONSIDER ADOPTING AN ADULT PET!   Puppies and kittens are cute and make good pets, but please consider our adult and even senior animals. Older animals make excellent companions because they are typically housebroken and out of the chewing stage, require less exercise than younger ones and are often more like a companion than a playmate.  Some of our adult animals are also already spayed, neutered and, if a cat, declawed.  Declawing a cat is a cruel and stressful procedure, both physically and emotionally, to a cat or kitten.  Please consider adopting a cat that has already been declawed if this is important to you. 

    Groups who assist the Murray-Calloway County Animal Shelter:

    Humane Society of Calloway County

    LBL Rescue

    Cypress Springs Photography.com


    You MUST be a Reputable Rescue with References, however! 

    We have volunteers who help assist "Other Pets" in finding homes, too!  If an owner surrender, Please Do NOT bring them to the shelter, CALL FIRST if possible.  The Humane Society 759-1884 may be able to assist in relocation and avoid the stress of a stay at the shelter.