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Our Featured Pet

All our animals are our Featured Pets! They are all sociable and friendly, but all of them would do better in a home environment where they would get more freedom, love and individual attention than we can give them here at the shelter. Email:


Our adoptions are easier and more simple now!! Please come and see all the animals. There will be one that you just know will be the right friend and companion you can build that special bond with. We always strive for the best quality of life within the shelter, and hope the pets will live a life of quality in a loving home outside the shelter. Thanks for visiting the Marion County Animal Shelter on Please don't forget to SPAY and/or NEUTER your pet. They are usually better behaved and will certainly enjoy better health. They will not roam as much, and there will be fewer unwanted animals suffering and abandoned. All the staff at the shelter love and care for our animals. We are made squeaky clean on a daily basis by dedicated staff. Quality food is provided and water is always available. Exercise and playtime is fun-time for everyone, and should last as long as possible. We give DHLPP shots, worming meds., kennel cough meds., and antibiotics when needed.
Patented Kuranda Dog Beds We use Patented Kuranda Dog Beds because they are durable, chew proof and easy to clean. If you would like to donate a bed to us, click here.

Adopting a friend

The standard pull fees are as follows: Adoptions are $125.00 This includes spay/neuter, Dhllp, Rabies, Worming, or if a puppy there is a spay/neuter contract that must be signed and animals spay/neuter when of age. Mix breed dogs are $7.50 pull fee and that includes Dhllp, worming Pure breed dogs are $25.00 pull fee for rescues, and $50.00 for dogs who come in spay/neutered. The animals available for adoption at the Marion County Animal Shelter are unwanted or strays or from owners who can no longer care for their pets. It is important for all adults in a household to discuss the adoption of a new pet. This will be a commitment to care for and provide a safe, healthy and loving environment for the life of the pet. If you rent, you must have written permission from your landlord. Fees: Our adoption fees start at $25.00. An appointment is made at the Marion County Veterinarian of your choice, for a health check up, the rabies shot, and spay or neuter if needed. We will take the pet to the vet and you collect your new friend and companion and pay the vet. If you live out of the area we will schedule your appointment with your local vet. You will be responsible for paying the veterinarian for the surgery, vaccinations, and whatever else you have elected to have done to your new pet.

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The Marion County Animal Shelter is located at 1105 Hwy 208 in Lebanon, KY. Please feel free to call the shelter for directions. Office personnel are available to receive animals, take animal related complaints and to show the animals during business hours. Put a little love in your life & adopt a pet! We are looking forward to meeting you!
Marion County Animal Shelter
1105 Highway 208
Lebanon KY 40033
Phone: (270) 692-0464

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