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Blackdogs Rescue rescues dogs and puppies from high kill shelters. We also work with local veterinarians taking in medical needs dogs, dogs who have been injured and are in need of ongoing medical care.

Jack Sparrow was attacked by a large dog in his home and was brought in to be euthanized when his owner couldn't pay for surgery. We took over Jack's care and after the removal of his eye and some TLC, Jack went on to his forever home.

Tyler was found in the road after being thrown from a vehicle. Two of his legs were severely broken. A couple of tricky surgeries and Tyler has found his forever home.

Dalek-Sec lost an eye to an untreated infection. Rushed from shelter to hospital, he has adjusted to being a one-eyed pup and has a forever home.

McKinley and Paxson both suffered from severe chemical burns but found loving families.

Daniel was found on the highway, dragged by a vehicle. 

We also rescue dogs from the Asian dog meat trade.

Adoption fees collected by Blackdogs Rescue enable us to help these precious pups and give them a second chance.

Adopting A Friend

Welcome to Blackdogs Rescue! "Raising happy puppies through pack hiking."

Our website is www.blackdogsrescue.org.

Our adoption process begins with an email to blackdogs@me.com. Application requests are forwarded on to our Adoption Coordinator, Dawn. Dawn sends out the applications and information on the process. If approved, you become the approved adopter of a particular dog or puppy and are scheduled to be introduced at a public meet and greet. The adoption can be completed at that time. But if you discover that is not the dog or puppy for you, we are happy to continue helping you with your search.

Puppies begin their journey in Kentucky, but upon completion of their health care and preliminary evaluation and training, they are transferred to Virginia for adoption.

When contacting us via email, please include a phone number and location so that we may best serve you.

Our goal is to match up the right dog or puppy with the right person or family. But it is also to make sure that each and every one of our dogs or puppies finds a home committed for a lifetime.

All adoption fees go back to helping the dogs and puppies. They help cover the costs of getting them medically ready for adoption and allow us to help others in need.

If you are currently being considered for other puppies, please include that information when applying. Also, keep in mind that Adoption Meet and Greets, and Events can be very stressful on the puppies...schedule your date with all member and current dogs present to help make that final decision. Meet and Greets for the purpose of meeting the puppy can be scheduled but adoptions will not be completed that day.

Information on our rescue is available at https://www.facebook.com/blackdogsrescue

Our website is www.Blackdogsrescue.com

Who We Are

Blackdogs Rescue is dedicated to the plight of dogs and puppies in urgent need.. Most of our dogs come from high kill shelters where they have been scheduled for euthanasia. Some of our puppies are referred to us due to severe illness or injury. We are the last chance for many.

At Blackdogs Rescue we have a unique vision of rescue. Once intake protocols are complete and health permits, many of the puppies participate in off leash hiking on our many trails. Puppies develop good verbal recognition and recall, and that leads to the development of intelligent puppies. We work with all of our adopters to make good matches, pairing up puppies and dogs with families for the best success.

All of our dogs and puppies receive medical care from our trusted Veterinarians. Puppies are not adopted prior to 12 weeks to insure that all health issues have been addressed. All dogs and puppies are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations and microchipped. We make sure all are parasite free. For adults, all are Heartworm tested negative as well. But we don't stop there, we also look at mental and behavioral issues and work to correct anything of concern prior to adoption. All dogs and puppies are tested with other dogs and cats and any concerns are made known on their individual listings.

We are very invested in each and every animal and with lots of one on one time, very familiar with each one's likes and dislikes.

Blackdogs Rescue is made up of volunteers who donate their time to saving animals. To contact Blackdogs Rescue, email us at blackdogsrescue@icloud.com.

Come Visit Us

Our next meet and greet is coming up, please email blackdogsrescue@icloud.com for more info. We look forward to meeting our pre-approved adopters there! And also any of our Blackdogs alums who would like to stop by and say hi! Blackdogs Alums share info and updates on our group page on facebook...we're a family.


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