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Current donation needs: XXL crates, XL nail clippers, E-collars, XXL dog beds, Ivermectin, Nutro LIN dog food

Adopting A Friend

When you adopt a Great Dane, you get an appreciative best friend for the duration of your Dane's life. As a breed in general they are loyal, intelligent and very loving.

Great Dane care is not overwhelming, yet every aspect of your dog's life depends on you. Making a decision to own a dog, especially a Great Dane, is a serious responsibility that should be considered.

Fortunately, our Danes have helped us get it right over the years and asked that we pay it forward:)

It is common knowledge that caring for a dog requires shelter, food, water, grooming and veterinary care. Understand that with a Great Dane, these tangible requirements are greater than a canine of a smaller size.

How big are Great Danes really?

Good question, have a look at our Great Dane growth chart for a comparison of age, weight, and height.

Ah, the Great Dane size factor! Truly a marvel among canines, a traffic stopper, conversation starter and jaw dropper.

Logically, with great size comes increased expenses. Your out of pocket cost for things like dog medicines and health care can be quite a shock. Great Dane health insurance however, is a wise choice that can really help keep medical costs in check.

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Who We Are

KGDR works to improve the lives of Great Danes by rescuing, healing and loving Danes in need. We educate new owners and our community about the Great Dane breed to encourage long, healthy lives. Our ultimate mission is to give a Great Dane a long and healthy life in ONE permanent and loving home.


Teresa Pridemore, President

Chiara Fletcher, Vice President 







Come Visit Us

KGDR is a foster-based rescue program. We do not have a central location which means that all of our danes live as pets in a foster home until adopted. If you wish to meet one of KGDR's adoptable danes, please fill out an application. Once approved, a meeting will be scheduled.

We are always exploring opportunities for Great Dane meet-ups, fundraisers and events. If you are the owner of a business who would like to sponsor an event for KGDR Danes, please email us. KentuckyGreatDaneRescue@Yahoo.com

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