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Adopting A Friend

Screening Procedures for Potential Adopters



All potential adoptions begin with the potential adopter completing an adoption application.  The application can either be completed online or by paper. 


Phone Interview

Typically, within a few days of receiving the application a HBGA volunteer contacts the potential adopter for a 20-30 minute phone conversation. The purpose of this conversation is to understand more about the adopter’s home environment and lifestyle as well as to learn more about their expectations of greyhound ownership. This is important to ensure a placement that works for both the adopter and the greyhound.


Home Visit

A home visit is generally scheduled within a week after the phone interview. Everyone who will be living in the house with the greyhound must be present for the home visit to occur.  The greyhound is not left in the home during the home visit.


Reference Check

Currently HBGA requires a minimum of a Veterinarian reference and two personal references or if no veterinarian relationship exists then a minimum of three personal references.  100% of references are checked prior to placement of a greyhound.


Two-Week Trial Period

HBGA requires that all greyhounds be placed in a potential adopters home a minimum of two weeks prior to finalizing an adoption.  This policy allows the new adopter as well as the greyhound to adjust to ensure the match is not only correct but permanent.  HBGA has currently never had a greyhound returned and it is this policy that is credited for that statistic.


Adoption Finalization

A  HBGA volunteer returns to the potential adopter’s home once the two week trial period has ended.  At that time the greyhound is evaluated to ensure he/she is not stressed and is adjusting to his/her new environment.  If the adopter is willing to proceed and the greyhound is adjusting properly the adoption is finalized at that time.

Who We Are

Homeward Bound Greyhound Association is an all volunteer 501(c)3 greyhound rescue and adoption organization serving the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Indiana area. 

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