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Friends of the Ohio County Animal Shelter

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Friends of the Shelter is a non-profit 501c3 that began in September 2009 to help the Ohio County Animal Shelter find homes for some of the 2,000 dogs and cats they receive every year.
Many are euthanized because they cannot find qualified homes.
We operate a weekly in-house spay/neuter clinic. This service is thanks in part to two veterinarians who provide surgeries at a reduced cost and grant monies received from national organizations and local sponsors.
We hope this will, in some small way, help decrease the pet overpopulation in our community.
If you would like more information about this service please contact us!

Who We Are

We are a small group of people who devote our time and resources to the homeless, abandoned, unwanted, and abused animals of Ohio County Kentucky.


Several of our dogs are enrolled in the Death Row Dogs program. This is a prison training program at the Green River Correctional Complex, in Central City, KY. Each dog lives in a cell with two trainers.
This is a 12-week intense training program that is designed for the dog's unique behavior needs as well as basic obedience, house training, crate training, and of course, tricks.
Each dog is given a Canine Good Citizen test prior to graduation. Visit http://www.akc.org/events/cgc/program.cfm to learn more about the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.
DRD dogs are very popular, be sure to apply quickly if you are interested in adopting.


We earn extra cash by recycling empty printer cartridges, used cell phones and small electronics!
Recycle yours TODAY to help raise money for Friends. Call 270-779-0932 or 270-256-3960 for pick-up or to arrange delivery time.
Go green and help us earn some "green" for the homeless animals!


You can help one of our dogs have a better chance of finding a forever home by becoming a part of our FOCAS group.
Friends takes in many harder-to-place dogs that will benefit from having a sponsor for part of their adoption fee or the cost of care.
Having a sponsor allows us to reduce the adoption fee or pay for medical care such as treatment for heartworm or mange. All donations are tax-deductible.
If you would like to sponsor a specific pet or simply donate for any dog in need, contact us at: focas.rescue@yahoo.com .
Or, click the PayPal DONATE button below. Every dog adopted through us saves two lives, that of the one finding a home and the next one we are able to pull from the shelter.






Purina Puppy Chow

5-way vaccine*

Pet scale

Paper towels

Frontline or Advantage

Large & extra-large pet carriers

Dish detergent

Pyrantel Wormer*

Pet ramp


Ovitrol flea/tick spray*

Professional dog clippers

Nylabone toys

Ivomec paste or liquid*

Germicidal cleaner*

Trash bags

Gift Cards

Glass cleaner

Medium pet carriers

Toilet paper

Panacur or Safeguard*

Dog biscuits or rawhide

Small animal live trap

Copy paper

Syringes and needles*

Insect repellent

Capstar flea tablets*

Brooms, mops, buckets

Heartworm tests*

Office supplies

Parvovirus tests*

Hand sanitizer

Antibiotic ointment*

Stainless steel bowls

Laundry detergent

Puppy Pads

*These items are available to FOTS through our pharmaceutical supplier at a reduced cost. Specify how your cash donation is to be applied.
Call or e-mail for drop-off time. Or, we can arrange pick-up!

Adopting A Friend

Contact us by e-mail for information on any pet of interest to you. Or, click HERE for our preadoption application. We make every effort to accomodate potential adopters.

Friends of the Ohio County Animal Shelter
P.O.Box 7
Hartford, KY 42347
Phone: 270-256-3960

Email: focas.rescue@yahoo.com

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