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We only accept Owner Turn Ins on a limited basis (effective 06/01/01 there will be a 50.00 Fee for all owner turn ins that are not spayed or neutered 25.00 for all others). Dogs currently on death row at local shelters (or in our coverage area) are our priority. Each dog is a case by case basis and must pass evaluation before being admitted to our program. No human aggressive dog will be admitted to the program, at our discretion we may list them here as a courtesy but it will be noted that they are not a part of West Ky GSD Rescue. In most cases no dog aggressive dog will be admitted into the program (Dominance is not considered aggression for the purpose of being admitted).

Who We Are

We are a small rescue dedicated to saving as many GSD's as we can effectively care for. If you would be interested in fostering for us please email below. Sometimes a fosters is willing to take in another breed occasionally you will see breeds other than GSD's listed here, this is that particular fosters decision not mine.

Adopting a friend

Home visit and adoption contract required. FOSTER HOMES ARE URGENTLY NEEDED Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment. We put our time, money and energy into each dog we adopt out and it is our fervent hope that the adopting family will be willing to devote their time and energy into the dog as we have. A home visit is necessary to ensure that the home is appropriate for a German Shepherd, a contract outlines the necessary care and treatment of our dogs.
West Ky GSD Rescue
3118 Clark Street
Paducah, Ky 42001
Phone: 270-442-2858
Please NOTE: Email is the preferred method of communication, especially with long distance calls. Hours by appointment
Email: clayr@comcast.net
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