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Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics


  • SNIPZ (Spay Neuter Initiative Partners of Zion UCC)

Phone: (270) 212-9025

       Email: SNIPZHenderson@gmail.com

       Website: http://www.zionucchenderson.com/25401.html


  • Pay It Forward

Phone: (20) 724-0614

     Email: pifanimal@yahoo.com

     Clinics are held the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Visit their website for             more details. 

       Website: http://www.pifanimalwelfare.com/  


  • Vanderburgh Humane Society

  Phone: (812)426-2563 Ext. 216

      Email: clinic@vhslifesaver.org

      Website: http://www.vhslifesaver.org/  


Adopting A Friend

Adoption fees: $95 in county

(includes spay/neuter voucher, rabies vaccination and county dog tag)

$30 out of state adoption


WE ARE RESCUE FRIENDLY!!! Please contact us ASAP if you can take a dog into your rescue. Unfortunately, we are a kill facility so please don't hesitate to contact us.

Who We Are

We are the Webster Co. Dog Pound located in Dixon, Ky. We are very lucky to have a brand new, modern facility. We are unfortunately a "kill" facility so it is imperative that we use all resources available to find homes for these needy dogs. All animals are a gift from God and not one should suffer due to the negligence of ungrateful pet owners. We encourage all pet owners to PLEASE Spay and Neuter their pets. This is a simple step to take to eliminate unwanted litters that might not have a chance to find their forever home.

We are a dog only facility. We do not accept cats. 

Come Visit Us

We are located at 1919 Hwy.132 W in Dixon, Ky.

Our business hours are Tuesday thru Friday 8 am to 4 pm

Saturday 8 am to Noon      Closed on Monday

(270) 639-7034

Contact Webster County Animal Services


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