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McMuttigan's Rescue Inc. is a small rescue whose main goal is to save the lives of those who cannot speak or care for themselves. The application is only available after you have emailed with some basic information and all references will be gone over thoroughly. All dogs who are adopted through McMuttigan's are up to date on vaccinations, have basic manners covered as well as being house trained, it is up to the new owner to continue this. No dog adopted is forgotten as they each take a bit of me with them. They are hand chosen by me, unless of course they are dumped at the vet or along the road and somehow find me. The care and maintenance of these dogs is kept up with, and I adopt families as well on many occasions. When a dog is adopted from McMuttigan's I have an open door policy for questions or advice once the dog has made its way home at no charge. If you live close enough I am available for lessons at no charge. The main goal is the dogs happiness and that it remains a healthy loving pet.

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Adoption fees vary on our dogs due to the level of training or vet requirements when taken in.

Adoptions from McMuttigan's are thorough. These are not dogs that you can come by and pick up, appointments must be made and I prefer to meet in a neutral location. For the most part it is sight unseen initially, but I can give you all the information you need to make an educated decision on the dog you are interested in, once that is done if a meeting to see if tow pets mesh is a great idea and I have no problem meeting and going over some basic behaviors to look for, all of my dogs are very well socialized. I ask that if you don't see the dog you are looking for, please contact me, as we work with many rescues and if I know what you are interested in, I may be able to point you in the right direction. It is all about finding the right home for the dog, not the other way around. These dogs are never to find themselves in a shelter again. The goal is to put dogs in to loving PERMANENT homes.

McMuttigan's Rescue Inc.

Greenville , KY 42345

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