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Adopting a Friend for Life

Our beautiful animals mean the world to us, and we feel that since we saved them we are obligated to ensure they have a happy and healthy life.

Adopting is a lifelong commitment so please consider your choices wisely. The adoption process is as follows:

1.We require an adoption application to be completed prior to meeting the dogs or puppies. As a part of the application we require veterinarian references that can be checked. If you have never owned a pet then we require a personal reference.

2. If after meeting the dog or puppy you decide you want to adopt, we then proceed to completing a a home visit to ensure the home environment is suitable for the dog or puppy.

3. If the home visit is approved, then we require the adoption contract to be signed and the adoption fee collected. All our dogs are spayed or neutered prior to adoption if old enough, and if not, then adopters must provide proof of spay or neuter within the first 5 months of the puppy's life.

4. At this time the puppy or dog is considered adopted, however we allow one (1) week of a trial period during which we will take the pup or dog back and return the adoption fee entirely if the dog or pup is found to be unsuitable.

We are a non-profit Kentucky incorporated organization and all funds are used in the day to day lifesaving dog and puppy rescue efforts in Kentucky. Our adoption fees are used to pay for our expenses incurred in spaying and neutering and in medical testing and treatment of the dog or puppy so that it will be healthy and happy when you adopt him or her. We sometimes also have kennel expenses and transport costs for which adoption fees are also used.

Save a Shelter Dog Rescue, Inc.
Villa Hills , KY 41017 Cell Phone: 859-445-3166



Here are just a few of our Happy Tails we receive. We are so lucky to have such wonderful adopters!


"Hi, I am M.J. King who adopted Mikey last weekend. I can't tell you what a pleasure he is. I am keeping him at my 5 acre farm and there are 2 labs and another rescue dog which is probably a lab/Shepard mix. When he got out of the car Sunday night he just fit right in with the other dogs. He is outside most of the day and sleeps in my bedroom at night. He sleeps all night and has not made a mess in the house. He follows us everywhere and is so sweet. I feel so blessed to have found him and I know it was meant to be. Thank you for your help in bringing him into my life. Please tell Debbie how well it is working out and thanks to you both for your dedication to helping homeless animals."


"Thanks again for all your help in getting Rosie to me. I love her already. And Molly (my puppy) can't stop bouncing with happiness. They make quite the pair!"

EMMA LEE (now called Emily), ADOPTED MAY 2009

"We're delighted with Emily and finding that she's got a lot of 'puppy' in her indeed! She is sooooo good and has picked up on sitting to get her leash on and off and to get her muddy/wet feet wiped before coming, leash walking and heeling on the right side and going into her crate throughout the day of her own choice to take a rest. WOW! Smart cookie! She's also shown us that she can snatch rags and clothes from around the house and the cat's toys if we *blink*. We keep redirecting to the Kong and squeaky toys and rubber balls. Those puppy teeth need a workout! She's gotten raves and praise from the neighbors and friends and even when we walked her to the ice cream shack the other night. Your hearts and homes make life possible for so many that have a horrid fate awaiting them."


: We have large vet and kennel bills for our rescued dogs and puppies that need to be raised.

Donations are needed for our rescue animals spay/ neuter and kennel bills, without your help we cannot continue this important mission of saving shelter dogs and keeping dogs out off high kill shelters! We are a Kentucky Non-profit organization.

Please send what you can afford to:

Save a Shelter Dog Rescue

2880 Cliffview Court

Villa Hills, Kentucky 41017

Who We Are

We ARE a "virtual" rescue group in Kentucky made up of individuals who were tired of watching beautiful animals die in small rural shelters in Kentucky, and decided we HAD to do SOMETHING, so we did.

We are NOT an animal shelter. Most of our dogs and puppies are lovingly fostered in homes, primarily in the Lexington, Louisville, KY and Cincinnati, Ohio region, however we do keep some in paid kennels until we can move them into a foster situation.

Save a Shelter Dog Rescue needs your help! You can help by:

1. Becoming a foster home for puppies and dogs. It is a great way to get to know the animals, and help you decide whether you are ready for a pet of your own. We offer discounts on adoptions for fosters too!

2. Becoming a transporter help us get dogs and puppies to safety from high kill shelters. We also need help driving animals to vet appointments for spay and neuter and also meeting possible adopters.

3. Becoming a fundraiser, so we can continue and expand our lifesaving efforts to more shelters in Kentucky!

4. Becoming a administrator, by helping with computer and administrative work, organizing events, posting photo on and maintaining the website, writing grants for funds to support and expand or rescue efforts, establish spay and neuter programs and stop euthanization of healthy dogs and puppies in shelters! If would like to volunteer, please contact Deb Miller at or call 859-344-1708 Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

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