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The Adoption Process: Who We Are and What to Expect

The Humane Society A.L.L. is a no-kill, nonprofit organization ran entirely by volunteers; we have no paid staff. We are not a public animal shelter and we do not provide animal control services for the public. We take our task of finding responsible homes for our rescued pets seriously. We are the only voice they have and we have only one chance to get it right. We want your adoption experience to be a pleasant one, however, the requirements to adopt a pet from our organization are somewhat stricter and the screening process is perhaps more extensive than what you might find when adopting from a public shelter. We screen each potential adopter thoroughly with an interview and an adoption application. In order to be considered as a potential adopter, certain guidelines must be met. If you are uncomfortable with our screening process or disagree with our guidelines, we recommend adopting from a public shelter.

General Guidelines to Adopt from Our Organization Include:

You must be 18 years old or older.

We are seeking adopters that have a strong veterinary reference. Responsible pet care requires taking your animals to your veterinarian, annually, for routine exams and vaccinations. Vet references will be checked on the type of vet care you have provided to past and current pets. If this is your first time owning a pet, you should be willing to provide additional references and a more extensive interview.

Our primary focus is helping prevent animal overpopulation, so all pets at the current residence must be spayed or neutered, unless you have a valid medical reason from your veterinarian, not to have had this surgery performed.

The majority of our dogs will only be adopted into indoor only homes where they will be incorporated into the family. Additionally, we require securely fenced in yards. If you do not have a fenced in yard, you likely will not qualify. Some exceptions to fencing may apply depending on the dog. Some dogs may require special fencing; so just because you have a standard fence, this does not mean it will be a good fit for all dogs.

If you already have another cat at home, proof of a negative combo test for FiV and FeLv will be required to adopt a negative cat from our organization. However, we also have FiV positive cats for adoption that would be most suitable in a household with no other cats or with another FiV positive cat.

If you rent, you must be allowed to have pets via your landlord and any pet deposit required by the landlord must be paid in advance and proof must be shown before you officially adopt a pet from our organization. The same will be said if you live with parents or other individuals. Ultimately, the homeowner must give consent to allowing pets at their residence.

You should be willing to allow a home visit to your property by one or more of our volunteers by appointment. The home visit serves to see where the pet will be living and to make sure the environment is suitable and safe. Fencing will be checked to make sure it is secure. We are not concerned how fancy your house is, or how great of a housekeeper you may or may not be, but again, to make sure the pet will be living in a healthy and safe environment.

Even if you cannot adopt one of our rescued pets at this time, please consider making a donation via paypal to help us save lives. No donation is ever too small. Without donations, helping these animals get the necessary veterinary treatment and care so that they can be placed in loving homes would not be possible. They depend on us!

Our Contact Information

Humane Society, Animal League for Life
Madison County, KY
P.O. Box 2094
Richmond, KY 40476

Humane Society, A.L.L. of Madison County
P.O. Box 2094
Richmond, KY 40476
Phone: 859-626-5600 (HS Voicemail)

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