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Raven is our featured pet. He is beautiful. He's newly rescued, having been dropped off at a kind lady's house and spent quite a lot of time outside. He has lost most of his teeth and needs to be in a home where he can eat soft food. He's calm and loves to be petted; he's pleasant to his cat peers, but deserves a home with more personalized attention.


Who We Are

The Kitty, Inc. is a private, non-profit volunteer cat rescue group which supports people who rescue cats and helps provide health care and careful adoptions for the cats who are rescued. We don't have a facility where you can meet a cat you'd like to consider offering a home, but will make arrangements for this to happen. All cats have been tested for FIV/FeLeuk, have had their initial shots, and have been spayed or neutered, as well as having any necessary medical care. We don't adopt out cats if there is any chance at all that they will be declawed!!! We are very careful about the homes our cats go to. There is no set adoption fee but our philosophy is that you must be able to afford all necessary health care for this family member and will be glad to donate to help support this work.

Adopting a friend

Our adoption procedure is very personal. You must show that you can and will provide a good, safe and loving home, all necessary medical care and that you will never, ever consider declawing a cat. References from a local vet will be helpful.

Come Visit Us!

We make individualized arrangements to set up a meeting between you and your potential cat companion. We don't have a place to do that. We will provide you with medical records and whatever history we have.
The Kitty Inc.
The Kitty Inc.

Berea, KY 40403
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