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Brighter Days Ahead! Brighter Days for Shelters is a group made up of members who have been doing rescue for a long time in different capacities. We have worked with shelters, with breed rescue, with all-breed rescue, and on our own in many different ways to help needy animals.

In the course of our work we've seen the problems that many animal shelters are facing, particularly those in rural areas. Shelters are overwhelmed and under funded; they are over capacity and understaffed. Many in our area desperately need help.

There are wonderful rescue groups and individuals already working tirelessly to improve shelter conditions but it is uphill work often conducted in isolation. Our members have worked extensively with several shelters in these situations and we have seen what is possible. We thought it was time to take this effort to the next level and start tackling issues directly on a larger scale.

Who We Are

Brighter Days is a not-for-profit organization that works with animal shelters, rescue groups and the public to facilitate adoptions, improve shelter conditions, and provide logistical and technical support for rescue endeavors.

Our mission is to help underserved shelters improve the treatment and care available to animals in their custody and to reduce the number of potentially adoptable pets that are euthanized.

Brighter Days acts as a liaison between shelters and rescue groups, coordinating rescue efforts and transportation, providing positive publicity, and increasing shelter visibility within the community. Brighter Days also works directly with shelters to help improve shelter conditions through fundraising, donations, and capacity building. Brighter Days members foster former shelter animals, vetting them and offering them for adoption to responsible homes.

We are committed to the highest standards of professional behavior and ethical conduct in our rescue efforts.

Adopting a friend

The animals offered for adoption through BDFS are nearly all animals from the shelters that we work with. These animals are fostered in our members’ homes, quarantined, fully vetted, temperament tested, and many have begun basic training.

Dogs may be adopted for between $100 and $250. Cats may be adopted for $65-150. The adoption fee varies depending on age, size, breed, and medical care required. 100% of the adoption fees paid go back into vetting needy animals. Adoption application, reference checks, and home visit required.

Our Animals

All animals come to you spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations. All cats are combo tested and negative for leukemia and feline AIDS; dogs over 6 months are tested and negative for heartworms. All animals have been dewormed, treated with a flea and tick preventative, and dogs are current on heartworm preventative. All animals are microchipped for permanent identification.

If necessary, we also provide more extensive care in addition to the routine items, such as heartworm treatment, hernia repair, dental cleaning, and treatment for illness or injuries. Although we have limited funds, we are committed to top quality veterinary care and treatment of all animals in our program. We believe all animals should be treated as the beloved family members they deserve to be, whether or not they have found their special family yet.

Our Adopters Receive

  • Medical and health records showing everything that has been done for their new pet
  • Rabies tag and certificate for dogs and cats over 4 months
  • Microchip tag, registration and paperwork
  • A certificate for a FREE office visit at our participating vet clinic
  • A list of recommended products and area services
  • Coupons
  • Lifetime support and advice from foster parents and trained behaviorists

How You Can Help


BDFS can always use your help! Please check the supply list below for items that participating shelters have requested. If you have supplies you’d like to donate, let us know and we’ll pick them up! Monetary donations are also always appreciated and can be made quickly and safely using our PayPal button. All donations are used to provide medical care for needy, ill, or injured animals, buy life saving vaccines for shelters, or equipment that will improve animal conditions and housing.

While BDFS is a not-for-profit entity, we are still in the process of obtaining our non-profit status with the IRS. Unfortunately until that comes through donations are not tax-deductible.

Needed Supplies

  • Crates - both plastic and wire, all sizes
  • Bedding - blankets, comforters, even toilet seat covers can make great cat beds at the shelter
  • Metal bowls - all sizes, especially the large stainless steel ones that can be attached to cages
  • Cleaning supplies - paper towels, bleach, spray cleaners or gift certificates where these supplies are sold
  • Parvocidal tablets for water
  • Industrial sized spray bottles
  • Dog and cat toys
  • Collars and leashes - all sizes
  • Kitty litter
  • Dog and cat food


BDFS can always use volunteers and has many different opportunities to match your interests and lifestyle. Even if you are unable to foster animals at your home, there are many other valuable ways to help the animals. Do you have extra time at the computer? A free Saturday next month? Time after school in the afternoon? Skills as a photographer? Love to walk dogs? Email us and let us know! We welcome your help.

Come Visit Us!

BDFS is a foster-based network in the greater Lexington area and has no central location. To meet one of the wonderful pets listed here, please contact the foster parent at the email address provided in that pet’s listing. Periodically we attend adoption events as a group; we’ll post more information on those in News as they come up.

Brighter Days for Shelters
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