Forever Home Rescue and Sanctuary is closed. But we still have animals that need homes! If you are interested in one of our babies, please contact us at

Our Process For Adoption

Our adoption process is not complicated but it is thorough. You fill out an application which we send you. We verify your information, make a home visit, introduce you to your chosen partner and if all goes as expected and you're a match, we finalize the process with your signature on the contract and you and your match go home and live happily ever after!

Our goal is to create matches that are forever. Because our animals come from backgrounds we don't know anything about, our purpose is to make sure we know for sure what their future is going to be about. All of our animals are microchipped, altered, vaccinated, and have had extensive veterinary care if needed. We want you to be able to take home a healthy pet. Our policy is that if things do not work out for you and your new pet, no matter the reason, just contact us and we will take our pet back, no questions or judjment involved. We may ask what happened, so that we can try to head that off for a future home for that pet.