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Oldham County Animal Control is a nationally certified animal shelter that provides quality care to stray animals in Oldham County. The director, Barbara Rosenman, is nationally certified in animal control management, and cruelty investigation. Animal Control enforces state and county laws regarding domestic animals. They also investigate complaints of animal neglect, cruelty, abandonment, nuisance animals and bites or attacks by or upon animals. Unclaimed dogs and cats are available for adoption for a modest fee. All dogs over four months of age must be vaccinated and licensed. Most Oldham County veterinarians sell the county dog license with the rabies tags. Dog licenses can also be purchased at the county shelter

Adopting a friend

As the shelter is a county run facility, all new residents are held for at least 5 days prior to adoption release to allow for owner claims and health and temperament screenings. In addition potential new owners are also screened to find the best home environments for the animals. All new owners are required to take their new pet for a veterinary visit within 3 days of adoption to make certain all is well.

Come Visit Us!

The shelter is located a short drive northeast of Louisville, Kentucky in LaGrange and is open for adoptions every day except holidays, Thursdays and Sundays from 8:30 - 3:30. While the shelter generally welcomes walk-in visitors, It is best to call for an appointment at 502-222-7387 to ensure the staff will be available. Please note that the shelter cannot call out long distance, so please do not leave a voice mail if it is not a local call.
Oldham County Animal Control
3946 Jones Drive

LaGrange, KY 40031
Phone: 502-222-7387

Email: brosenman@oldhamcounty.net
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