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Liz Web

Five of our precious dogs have literally been here for 1-2+ years (YES - YEARS!).
These special dogs, shown in alphabetical order below, are:
Becca, Jill,
Parker, Rosco, and Woody Watkins.
You can click on any of their photos
to obtain more information about them.
Please consider adopting or rescuing one of these wonderful dogs
that have been overlooked for far too long.

Becca Jill
Parker Rosco Woody Watkins Small

While we do not have a specific kill date, when we are full, we have to euthanize. When we are not full, we do our best to love and care for each pet with all of our abilities. However, our work force is too small for the number of pets we currently care for. Our shelter is full and when we look at these trusting faces we know the end is near for many of them.

Our shelter pets have been treated for whatever may have ailed them. They have been spayed or neutered. Some, sadly, have spent much more of their lives here than they have ever spent anywhere else. We can tell you about each and every one of them. Please just ask.

They are our friends and they desperately need adopters or rescue. Our area simply does not have adopters. Please consider offering a safe place to one of them today.

Grayson County Humane Society
213 William Thomason Byway
Leitchfield, KY 42754

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Who We Are and Why We Need Your Help

The Grayson County Humane Society/SPCA works non-stop to find safe rescues or loving homes for the adoptable animals that, for whatever unfortunate reason, end up at the animal shelter in Leitchfield, Kentucky. We're comprised COMPLETELY of volunteers who donate our time, money, and resources. As the shelter has an intake of almost 1,000 dogs and cats per year, we're almost always near maximum capacity. Because of such conditions, we're constantly faced with an urgent need to move these wonderful pets to safety, in order to avoid the need for euthanasia simply due to lack of space.

Some of the animals on this website are in foster care, but most are located at the shelter. Those at the shelter have a limited amount of time to be rescued or adopted. If you're considering adding a cat or dog to your family, now's the time to come and select your new best friend. We have many sweet, friendly, healthy animals who deserve more than the life they've been dealt simply due to someone's irresponsibility. Please consider giving one of these precious animals a home and a second chance at a happy life.


How You Can Help

Hands-On Help

As the Grayson County Humane Society/SPCA is comprised of only four main volunteers and two occasional volunteers, we're always in need of extra hands to work on a wide variety of tasks. By being a part of our "One Dollar One Hour One Month Campaign," if you can spare just one hour or one dollar per week or even just one hour or one dollar per month, it truly will make a HUGE difference to us and to our loving, but homeless animals. If you're interested in helping, please fill out the volunteer application online and one of our other volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible.

Below is just a brief list of some of the projects we'd LOVE to have your help with. Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to help in other ways.

    Bathe dogs
    Clean cages and kennels
    Drive animals to their vet appointments
    Gather aluminum cans, old cell phones, and empty ink cartridges for recycling reimbursement
    Help do the laundry
    Help us prepare for spay and neuter clinic days
    Help us transport animals to rescue organizations
    Play with the dogs and cats
    Socialize the dogs and cats
    Walk dogs (perhaps even to the park and back)
    Work on various fundraising events

Off-Site Help

If you don't live near the shelter, but you'd like to help our pets, as well as us, we can also use your help with the following projects:

    * Become a fan of our Facebook Group page, Facebook Fan page, Facebook Cause page, or MySpace page for the Grayson County Humane Society, as well as our Friends of Grayson County Humane Society Yahoo group to keep up on our current needs and planned events. We're also now on Twitter!
    * Donate a Drs. Foster and Smith "Paws for A Cause" gift certificate directly to the shelter by simply clicking here or on the banner provided below. All of the shelter information has been "pre-filled" in a custom Gift Certificate order form, so all you need to do is to enter the amount of your generous donation and then checkout. Your gift will help provide essential healthcare, medications, and comfort to animals in need while they wait for their new home.
    * Donate the UPC codes (and your register receipt as proof-of-purchase) from Natural Balance bagged pet food, case(s) of canned food, and/or 2.5 or 4 pound rolls. We can cash them in as part of the Natural Balance Nonprofit Charity Rebate Program. Click here for more details.
    * Donate your old cell phones and empty ink cartridges to us for recycling reimbursement
    * Donate your Pepsi and Coke points, Nestle Pure Water labels, Campbell soup labels, Box Tops for Education, Purina weight circles, Fresh Step cat litter Paw Points, and Cloud Star points as we cash them in for items we can either use or auction off at fundraisers
    * Help us transport animals to rescue organizations
    * If you're in the market for 100% USA-made rawhides (or other various USA-made pet supplies including food, treats, supplements, and odor/stain removing products), consider placing an online order with US Simply select Grayson County Humane Society, KY as the "recipient organization" and 25% of the value of your order will be donated directly to us. If you're wondering if this is a good company to deal with, here's a testimonial from a Grayson supporter that recently (7/08) ordered from them, "I just received my order from USBones and I'm very happy with everything! It's not just for dogs; there are plenty of cat items available. I've had difficulty finding rawhides and other items made in the USA when shopping the local pet stores, so the dogs are very happy that I found this site. I found the prices reasonable and the order was shipped promptly. They accept credit cards, paypal payments and also checks."
    * Purchase magazines and/or renew subscriptions via this website - you can select from more than 650 magazines at savings up to 85% off newsstand prices and up to 40% of your purchase will go directly to the Grayson County Humane Society/SPCA
    * Sponsor pets at the shelter (refer to the "Sponsor" section listed below for details)
    * Spread the word about our shelter by passing along our web site link
    * Use either the iSearchiGive or the GoodSearch web site to conduct your online searches and specify the Grayson County Humane Society as the cause you iSearch or GoodSearch for. The more you search, the more money we make. As both web sites are powered by Yahoo!, you still get great search results. It won't cost you anything to use either site, but it will help to raise some much-needed and very-appreciated funds for us.
    * Use the GoodShop site if you'd rather shop than search. With more than 500 stores, if you specify the Grayson County Humane Society as the cause you GoodShop for, the Society will receive a donated percentage of your purchase price. In that case, you end up giving two presents with the purchase of one - a double bang for your buck!!
    * Use the iGive site to shop online at yet another 700 stores. If new members sign-up, choose the Grayson County Humane Society as their "cause," and make a purchase within 45 days of joining, we'll receive an extra $5.00. Please use this referred friends link when/if you do join.

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Monetary Donations

Not funded by the state or local government, most of the funding for this shelter comes directly out of the pockets of the Grayson County Humane Society volunteers. Therefore, monetary donations in any amount are always deeply appreciated. Even a single dollar is a blessing as it will actually buy four pounds of Science Diet food.

You can Paypal donations by clicking on the "Donate Visa/Mastercard" button at the top of this page. You can also mail checks to:

Grayson County Humane Society/SPCA
213 William Thomason Byway
Leitchfield, KY 42754

If you need a receipt, please just ask for one. Donations ARE tax deductible, as the Grayson County Humane Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. If you note what you'd like your donation to be used for, we'll make sure that ALL such directed donations are used for exactly what the giver intended it to be used for. If you'd like to make a donation in honor of someone, a Grayson volunteer will also send an acknowledgement card to that person, if you provide the necessary information.

If you'd like to help us pay off our outstanding vet bill, you can do so by calling your credit card information in directly to the vet clinic we use for much of our medical care. Please ask that they apply your donation to the Grayson County Humane Society's account, #4974. The clinic's contact information is as follows:

Animal Clinic of Glasgow (KY)
Phone: 270-651-2156

Item Wish List

As of December 14th, 2010, the shelter is in need of the following items:

  • Our most critical need right now is more wonderful adopters, rescues, and volunteers!!!
  • Canned kitten and cat food (loaf/pate ones without chunks/bits - especially the pate ones right now; "smelly fish types" work best to entice finicky eaters - ones like 9 Lives Real Flakes of Tuna, actual canned tuna/salmon, Friskies Salmon or Ocean Whitefish, and Fancy Feast gourmet canned food)
  • Dry cat food (Science Diet kitten, Tractor Supply 4Health, or any other low corn/wheat formulation)
  • Equine Fresh pine bedding (40 pound bags - used for cat litter) or Tractor Supply gift cards to purchase litter
  • FeLV, FIV, and heartworm test kits ($13 per test for cats and $10 per dog)
  • Cat crates and medium-size dog crates (used for the MANY transports that we drive)
  • Wire crates (to replace some that the cats are living in - the 36" long x 24" wide x 27" high collapsible black metal ones seem to work best) - these are extremely handy to replace the rusty ones we have and for fostering kittens
  • ~6-10 doghouses (any insulated plastic kind that can be cleaned and sanitized easily)
  • Plastic kennel decks (~2' x 4' feet) to keep the dogs up off the concrete
  • Gift cards/certificates to Walmart, Feeders Supply, Tractor Supply, Petsmart, Petco, Target, and/or The Dollar Store (these come in VERY handy to purchase cat litter, canned cat food, baby food for kittens, etc) - if you'd like to, you can designate what you want the gift card to be used for
  • Pill pockets (we need 3 or so bags a month and salmon flavor seems to be the most popular)
  • Drontal, Safeguard, Ivomec, Strongid, and/or Cestex (dewormers)
  • Revolution, Frontline, Promeris, and/or Advantage (used to treat for fleas, ticks, various worms, ear mites, and/or sarcoptic mange)
  • Baby food to entice sick kittens to eat (chicken or turkey Gerber's or Nature's Goodness brand without onion salt)
  • A source (or sources) for large amounts of reasonably-priced hard food for cats and dogs, as well as canned food for cats (preferably for the brands listed above)
  • Less-often needed (but still important) items include Nutrical or High Cal, Laxatone, fish oil gel caps, joint supplements that include glucosamine, chondroiton, and/or hyaluronic acid, and plain yogurt
  • If you're in the holiday mood, our "Festive Wish List" includes plastic cat toys with bells or colorful bleachable balls, crunchy cat treats, pressed rawhide chews (no whole rawhide, please), Greenies chews, durable dog toys (like kongs), baby blankets, and special little soft treats for dogs

Such items can be shipped to:

Grayson County Humane Society/SPCA
213 William Thomason Byway
Leitchfield, KY 42754

Every Shelter Dog Deserves a Kuranda Dog Bed


If you see a pet here on our web site that you're interested in adopting, you can fill out an application online or you can email us at or call 270-230-8839 to request that an adoption application be emailed or sent via regular mail to you. We do allow out-of-state adoptions, but a home visit and references are required. You can bring your completed application with you when you visit the shelter or you can submit it via email or regular mail.

All animals adopted from us will be altered before placement and will receive their vaccinations and worming. The adoption fees listed below only serve to cover such expenses. We feel that these adoption fees are a nominal amount to spend on a new lifetime friend and are much less than what a vet would normally charge for the services being provided. If a new owner is unwilling to pay very much for an animal, it's likely they'd also be unwilling to pay for proper care in the future - such as heartworm and flea/tick prevention, proper food, and vaccinations.

Adoption fees:

** Cats and Kittens $55 ** Adult Dogs $85 ** Puppies $100 **

We Recommend - Hill's Pet Food Official Logo - Hill's Nutrition Official Badge

Ask us about other low cost spay/neuter resources in our area.


Fortunately, a few of our puppies, dogs, and cats are safe in foster care. However, most of the these fostered pets are located in the homes of the regular volunteers. They too are still in need of being adopted or rescued. Each one that's finally adopted or rescued helps to free up critically-needed space in the volunteers' homes for the next needy dogs and cats that will surely soon arrive at the shelter.

We're always in need of additional foster homes to take these deserving animals into their care while they wait to be adopted or rescued. Please contact us either via email at or via telephone at 270-230-8839 if you'd like to open your heart and home to a foster pet. You can also fill out a volunteer foster application online and one of our other volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible.


Can't adopt or foster a Grayson pet? Then perhaps a sponsorship is the best way for you to help. For many people, the concept of sponsoring a shelter pet is a new one. Basically, it involves making a donation in any amount to help cover the vetting needs of the shelter pet of your choice. While not an absolute guarantee, sponsorships often make an animal more likely to be accepted into a rescue group.

If you would like to pay the full sponsorship fee for a cat or kitten, it costs $55, while adult dogs are $85, and puppies are $100. If you pay the full sponsorship for one of our unnamed recent arrivals, you can have the privilege of choosing a name for that special pet. Again though, donations in any amount are greatly appreciated.

Sponsorships can also be applied to our feral barn cat program. These feral cats - free roaming, unowned, and untamed domestic cats - are fully-vetted and free to barn owners who will agree to feed them.


Sponsorships can be paid with either of the methods listed above or you can make a monthly commitment of $20 to sponsor one of our pets by clicking on the button below. Please feel free to contact us if you'd like more information about sponsorships.


Reputable rescue groups are always welcome to help us save our animals. One of our volunteers recently described our current situation best when she said, "We can't continue to be low-kill if we're full. We're not asking rescues to take dogs or cats that have issues or need assistance getting over life in the shelter or that don't get along with other dogs, cats, and/or small children. We're asking them to take the no-big-problems dogs or cats, while we continue to try to find the right home for the others."

If you can help rescue even one of the Grayson dogs or cats, please contact us ASAP either via email at or via telephone at 270-230-8839. Rescues that are new to working with us would need to submit a list of their vet references, rescue references, an outline of their adoption policies, and reason(s) why they would ever euthanize a pet.

Rescuing from this shelter is a great deal on many levels. TRANSPORT IS USUALLY AVAILABLE (often to Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and sometimes even Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont) -- PLEASE JUST ASK!!!

Vetting costs are also relatively low and reimbursement is never asked for anything beyond what is expended for such costs. Current vetting costs are approximately:

    Cat neuter - $35
    Cat spay - $40
    Dog neuter - $45-$60
    Dog spay - $50-$65
    Rabies vaccine - $7
    Puppy vaccines - $3
    Cat and dog combo viral vaccines - $2.50
    Bordetella vaccine - $5
    HW, Lyme, and Erlichia test - $15 for all three, if done by the Grayson volunteers
    FeLV/FIV test - $15 for both, if done by the Grayson volunteers
    Health certificate - $12-$25, depending on the vet used

Everything possible is also done to minimize the spread of disease or illness at the shelter. Dogs are held in their run for 10 days after they arrive. If they appear to be healthy for those 10 days and after they receive their shots and wormer, then they can go play in one of the three fenced-in fields while their kennel is being cleaned. Puppies DO NOT leave their run or touch the ground ANYWHERE until they've had their entire series of puppy vaccines; they're also wormed several times after they arrive. The volunteers use bleach foot baths and hand washing. They also have different boots to wear in the puppy runs than in the rest of the facility and they use a combination of bleach sanitizing days and trifectant sanitizing days.

We'll also test any animal you're interested in rescuing or adopting with other dogs, cats, kids, food - WHATEVER IT TAKES to get the information you need to decide to save them. We''ll ALWAYS go the extra mile to help these precious furbabes. AGAIN - PLEASE JUST ASK!!!

How To Contact Us

Phone: 270-230-8839
Shelter Location: 213 William Thomason Byway, Leitchfield, KY 42754
Shelter Hours: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7:00AM to 1:00PM (Central Time Zone)
Please contact us for an appointment if these times aren't suited to your schedule. If you need directions to the shelter, please call us at 270-230-8839.

Click here for a map of the Grayson County Humane Society


Please come and visit us and the many wonderful pets we have.

We think you'll be VERY glad you did!

Grayson County Humane Society/SPCA

Leitchfield, KY 42754

Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

The work we do is dedicated to the the memory of our furry friends that perished in a fire at the shelter on March 19, 2004.
Our hearts break for each of these lost pets. Each had its own story; each had its own personality.
Not a day goes by when we do not think of each of you.

"What is lovely never dies, but passes into other loveliness...."

Dogs and Puppies

** Allie * Annie * Babs * Bonnie * Boopsie * Curly * Desdemona * Gandolf * Hamlet * Honey * Hope * Houston * Kate * Larry * Laverne * Lear * Luke * Martina * McBeath * Ophelia * Paulie * Shemp * Shirley * Spearmint * Tarantino * Teaberry * Wilma * Webster **

Cats and Kittens

** Amidala * Boots * Campbell * Delbert * Dickory * Edgar * Frisco * Julep * Margo * Maria * Missy * Napoleon * Oliver * Onyx * Patches * Rayetta * Roberta * Rosebud * Stevie * Sunshine * Twilight * Vinnie **

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