City of SyracuseAnimal Shelter/Pound

We are a city funded shelter. We are presently just a canine house. We ask a 30.00 owner release fee for dogs entering our pound this helps in the care of the pet or any transfers that may be made for the animals in our care.

Our Pet List



We have on going spay/neuter clinic for the dogs, of the citizens of Syracuse. So pups, get your humans in line and sign up soon.

Who We Are

We are a pound/shelter who prides ourselves on our low,low euthanazia. We are doing this all with the help of and the Denver Dumb Friends League. We believe that we all have a purpose in live and strive to find a way.

Adopting a friend

adoption fee will very, depending on the pet, along with a 60.00 deposit and a signed contract stating that you will have your new pet spayed/neutered with in 60 days(adult dogs) of adoption or when your pup becomes old enough (Vet preferance) We do not have a Vet in our town that offers a service, there for the deposit. It will be returned as soon as proof of surgery from your Vet or you can donate it to the pound if you like.

Come Visit Us!

We are open 9:00-4:00 week days or call to make an appointment,weekend call to make an appointment.We are always eager to show our adoptables off. I'm on call 24 -7
City of SyracuseAnimal Shelter/Pound
Syracuse Animal Shelter

Syracuse, KS 67878
Phone: 620-384-4841 620-384-5952
Email: Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

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