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Fill out an adoption application here: http://fs19.formsite.com/GDG08/form715890880/index.html

The foundation of the “pit bull problem” is built with the same fundamental components as the problems that face people in our communities.  We feel the cause is more important than the symptom.  We believe a better life for dogs starts with a better life for people, and that a better life for people can be advanced through the human-canine bond.

Game Dog Guardian supports people, programs and organizations in the community with time, information, expertise and resources.

We are a repository of information, ideas, sources, research and experience.

We support education as a primary means to personal growth and social and economic advancement.

We support practical and pragmatic governance aimed at improving life for people and dogs in our communities and preserving the rights and liberties of citizens.


Anthony Barnett – GDG Founder & Director, Assistant Trainer


Anthony is the Founder and Director of Game Dog Guardian.  He successfully completed the Triple Crown Academy for Professional Dog Trainers distance education course.  Anthony is a member of the Douglas County Animal Response Team and owner of a local business.  He manages large dog packs and evaluates dogs for temperament and disposition.  Anthony also evaluates and shelters dog fighting and cruelty seizure dogs for local humane societies, law enforcement and regional rescue organizations, particularly bully breed dogs.   


Katie Bray – Co-Founder, Adoption Director, Pit Bull E.D.U. Program Coordinator


Katie is the Adoption Director of Game Dog Guardian.  She has been involved in bully breed rescue for nearly six years.  She was previously the adoption coordinator for a local bully breed rescue, has volunteered for various animal shelters and breed specific rescues, worked mass spay and neuter clinics, and coordinated the successful adoption of hundreds of bully breed dogs.  Katie has also traveled to various locations to help with large scale animal rescues and dog fighting seizures, and assisted law enforcement with the evaluation and disposition of seized dogs.


Shannon Wells – Head Trainer


Shannon studied at the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers where she learned to train pet dogs, working dogs, and sporting dogs.  In addition to obedience training, Shannon provides behavior assessments and assists clients with behavior modification including using the Constructional Aggression Treatment (CAT) Model.  Shannon has traveled all over the country evaluating dogs seized in dog fighting and other animal cruelty seizures for final disposition in the criminal prosecution case.  Shannon works with all breeds and especially enjoys training her Belgian Malinois in a variety of dog sports including agility, dock diving, and tracking.  Shannon has been active in local and regional animal legislation for eight years, including serving as the co-chair of the Canine Legislation Conference 2007, in Kansas City, Missouri. 


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Fill out an adoption application here: http://fs19.formsite.com/GDG08/form715890880/index.html

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