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Our pet of the month is velvet
Velvet,also known as sissy is a very shy girl when you firsy meet her. But it doesnt take long for her to warm up. She is about a year old and fixed as well as upto date on her shots.


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Who We Are

We are just up and coming as a group. We NEED heartfelt volunteer's, and other's who may bring an added bonus to our cause. We have a wonderful location for our animal's. We have the want and the facility but lack man power. If you can help, even an hour a week, e-mail me!

Adopting a friend

I was adopted by a black mini Schnauzer close to 15 years ago. His name was Max and he was my heart, my world. We sold our car for the money to bring him home from Germany and he went to San Francisco with us. He adopted a cat named Fluffy. I was not too happy about that since I was afraid of cats, but Max and this cat loved one another like lost children who just found each other again, so Fluffy stayed. We'd say, "Max, go get Fluffy." and he'd run upstairs and bring his cat downstairs, even if he had to drag him down the stairs or from out of the litter box. It didn't matter to Fluffy and he never gave Max a problem for his antics. For 2 years we were all happy. Then Fluffy had surgery, got a blood clot and unfortunately passed away. Max was so depressed, he stopped eating and just cried out all day. My heart not only broke over losing my second child, but over Max's pain. Eventually, we got Max a puppy. He wasn't too happy for about 2 days, but soon, they made friends. For 6 years, we were a great family. Then, Max got cancer and it spread so very fast, he was gone two days after we were told he had it. The shock of it was overwhelming, the loss almost unbearable. The idea that he was not going to smile or talk back to us was not planned for. If not for Sammy, the now not so puppy, I would have died the day Max did. It hurt so bad. He was our son, my world. Adopting is easy. Finding a friend is easy. Losing one's heart - not so easy. Sammy too, has passed away since then, at age 13. We have recently adopted a pair of lab's. One old, one young. They are well loved. I miss my kids and adoption gets me through until I see all of them again. My heart will be broken many more times, but when you adopt a pet friend, you know you are loved unconditionally. UntiI I see all of my kids again, I'm sending them all of my love.

Come Visit Us!

E- mail us and set up a time to come visit! We have over a hundred cats, and a dozen dogs at this time. One unique setup. It is worth the drive just to see the place. The cat's are all out and about during the day. Come watch them play.
By appointment only Butler County S.P.C.A.
14297 SE Cole Creek Rd.

Leon, KS 67074

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