&pet Race the Wind Greyhound Adoption & GPA Wichita

Race the Wind Greyhound Adoption & GPA Wichita

Our Adoptable Pet List

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Our Featured Pet...

Our featured pet is GiGi. She is a Lab/Greyhound mix. She is very sweet and friendly and would make an excellent pet! She has the loyalty of a lab and the quiet disposition of a greyhound. She is crate trained, and will do well in a home. She has been without a home for over THREE years, and would really like a nice couch to sleep on! To see a list of all our greyhounds on our website click here then go to available for adoption.

Who We Are...

GPA Wichita is a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding loving, responsible indoor homes for retired racing Greyhounds. Additional donations are tax-deductible and are greatly appreciated.

Adopting A Friend...

Adoption Application - fill out and send it back to us. We’ll happily mail you an adoption application if you prefer. Just call or email us your contact information.

We then process the application. This means we look it over and call the listed references. We do reserve the right to refuse a potential adopter at any time for any reason.

Assuming everything checks out, you make an appointment to choose the newest member of your family. This is not always easy. We generally have at least 30 greyhounds in the adoption kennel at all times. The adoption application serves a second purpose here. You list preferences such as age and gender of the desired greyhound, your family members and all other pets on the application. This allows us to narrow down the possibilities before you even step in the door.

Once you’ve chosen your greyhound, you wait. Around two weeks depending on how quickly the dog can get into the veterinarian, including time to heal up from the spay/neuter. At that time, he/she will also be brought up-to-date on shots, have a heartworm test done and a fecal sample taken. Depending on the condition of the greyhound’s teeth, we may suggest that you pay an additional fee to have a dental completed while the dog is under anesthesia. Your greyhound will have a clean bill of health prior to going home.

At the time you pick up the greyhound, you pay a $200 adoption fee.
What does your adoption fee get you:
* The newest member of your family
* All of the above-listed veterinary work excluding dental
* New nylon sighthound collar and matching 6’ leash
* GPA-Wichita ID tag to be worn at all times

You take your adopted greyhound home. Give him/her all the love and affection you have in you and he/she will return it tenfold.

Come Visit Us...

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Greyhound Pets of America (GPA) - Wichita

11867 S.W. 110th Street
Augusta, KS 67010
Phone: 316-207-6679

Email: gpawichita@cox.net

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