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We need volunteers for all shifts!  Volunteers are the heart and sole of our organization.  Without them, the shelter would not operate on a daily basis.  You can volunteer as much or as little time as you like.  Volunteers help with adoption events, walking and playing with the dogs, brushing cats, general cleanup of the shelter, transporting animals to and from the vet clinic, marketing material for the shelter, updating Petfinder, and fundraising events, to name a few.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact our volunteer coordinator.  You can also email the shelter at pals@wavewls.com or stop by the shelter to fill out a volunteer form.  We appreciate all that our volunteers do for us and the animals! 

Adopting A Friend

We require that all potential adopters fill out an adoption application and provide a vet reference or personal reference.  The adoption fee for dogs is $75, cats are $65.  This fee helps us to cover the veterinary expenses associated with spay/neutering, updating shots and heartworm testing each animal.  Many times animals will need more expensive treatments such as heartworm treatments, dental care or care for severely injured animals.  That is why donations in addition to the adoption fee are always needed. 

Please note that most of our dogs do require a fenced yard, exceptions might be dogs who are appropriate for apartment living or farm/large acreage settings.  We will NOT adopt an animal that will kept on a chain.

We can place an animal on HOLD for 24 hours only. We would advise anyone traveling any distance to call before coming to be sure the animal is still at the shelter.

Out-of-state or long distance adoptions are wonderful, but our requirements for these adoptions are more strict.  In addition to the adoption application, a vet reference AND personal reference are required.  In some situations, we might also require a home visit.  You must come to our shelter to meet your potential animal.  If any other animals live in the home, you are advised to bring those animals with you to ensure a good match.  If there are children in the home, they will also need to meet the potential pet as well.

Who We Are

Proud Animal Lovers Shelter, Inc. (PALS) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  We are a NO KILL shelter that is operated by an all volunteer staff.  No animals are ever euthanized due to lack of space or to make room for a more desirable adoptable animal.  The only exceptions are for the catastrophically ill that no longer have quality of life or if the animal poses a threat to public safety.  We never discriminate on the basis of health, age or breed type.  We shelter stray, orphaned, and unwanted animals in our community and provide any medical treatment the animal needs.  All animals reside at our shelter for as long as necessary until a suitable forever home is found.

PALS is not funded by any Federal, State or city/local agencies.  We rely solely on donations from the public.  It is very costly to maintain our shelter with the cost of utilities, maintenance, food, medicine, and veterinary care.  Monetary donations are especially needed.  You can even designate how you would like your donation used whether it is for heartworm treatments, food, medication, building repairs, etc.  None of your donation is used for salaries as we have no paid employees or staff.  You can mail a donation to the shelter address or call the shelter to make a credit card donation if you can't stop in to see us.  We also gladly accept donations of items such as cleaning supplies, food, mops, etc.  Please see the Wish List for the items we currently need.  Puppy food is always needed!

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