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Students, Military and new Residents of our fine city,

Please be aware of the City Ordinances as they pertain to your pets. There is a lot of information available on the web, at www.cityofmhk.com.

 (Complete Ordinance listing: http://library.municode.com/index.aspx?clientId=11213 )


Some brief points that we wish to share with ALL RESIDENTS, new and transient:


·  ALL* cats and dogs must be registered with the City. To register, take proof of Rabies vaccination (the paperwork from your vet) to City Hall during business hours. If you received the Registration Application from your vet, be sure to mail it in; it is only an application, and not the license itself.



·         Manhattan has a LEASH LAW (6-22). Basically, if your pet is off your property, it is required to be on leash. Electronic/remote collars and/or voice command are not sufficient.



·         There is also a Dangerous Dog Law in Manhattan. It DOES NOT ban ANY breed, but does hold some breeds such as Pitbulls, American Staffordshires, Bull Terriers , Rottweilers , Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds and Chow-Chows to a higher standard of care and responsibility.  The Dangerous Dog Law addresses individual dogs that have show aggression or aggressive tendencies, and has rules in place for these dogs, in order to prevent accidents and injuries.



·         The final hot button subject we wish to share is Nuisances. The Nuisance Law addresses animals that create mayhem in the community. Be it a cat who uses the neighbors’ sandbox as a litter pan, or the dog who barks and wakes the neighborhood, the pet owner is responsible for the pet and it’s behaviors. The Nuisance Law also addresses feces of pets. In a nutshell, pick up after your pet.







Adopting A Friend

Adoption fees vary. Please contact the shelter at 785-587-2783 or animalshelter@cityofmhk.com for details.


Who We Are

T. Russell Reitz Animal Shelter (Manhattan KS Regional Shelter)

A Basic Overview

 We are under the administration of the Parks and Recreation a division of Manhattan, KS. We provide sanctuary to animals, encourage adoptions, and promote responsible pet ownership. We also serve the citizens and animals of our community by providing animal control services and upholding the laws set forth for their protection.

Current Going-Ons

Our shelter has expanded over the last several decades, to help extend the length of time an animal can reside at our shelter. Most recently; our new cattery facility. A whole building designed and dedicated to the health and well-being of our often forgotten companions. Opened on 12-12-10; the Shirley Scifers memorial cattery is state of the art, with considerations for the health of the cats housed with in. By maintaining healthier cats, we can maintain them longer. Also, as a result of this expansion, the shelter added twenty more dog kennels for small breeds and puppies.

A Brief History:

The T. Russell Reitz Animal Shelter is under the Administration of Parks and Recreation, a Department of the City of Manhattan. Prior to 1988 the shelter was housed in the Manhattan Zoo. In 1988 the construction of a new facility was completed on our present site. The new facility housed both cats and dogs. Previously, only dogs had been provided shelter. Manhattan had taken its first step toward a future Professional Animal Sheltering and Control. The facility provided housing for twenty dogs and approximately twenty-four cats. By 1990 is was obvious the shelter was not large enough to meet the demands created by the enormous number of unwanted and stray animals within our community and surrounding areas.


During the 90’s several discussions took place concerning the need for a larger shelter. In 1997 a Shelter Expansion Committee was formed and after several set backs the construction of the new renovated shelter began in the Spring of 2000. Completed in January of 2001, the shelter then had fifty-four dog kennels and over sixty cat cages.


Our goals are as follows:


v  To Provide Professional Animal Services to the community and its animals. We strive to promote the proper care and control of animals within our community, and instill in the public mind, a proper regard for the welfare of all animals.


v  To maintain a modern, professional, well equipped animal shelter.


v  To guarantee that every animal entered the animal shelter will be reunited with its rightful owner, adopted to a new home, or be humanely euthanized.


v  To investigate all reported instances of cruelty and neglect of animals, and when necessary, to prosecute violators.


v  To provide prompt, efficient handling of all requests for services.


v  To work with the city, county, and state authorities in the enforcement of laws pertaining to the control and protection of animals.


v  To cooperate with civic and kindred organizations concerned with the attainment of common goals of Animal Sheltering/Control and Welfare.




v  The animal shelter handles animals from Manhattan and Riley County.  The City of Ogden, City of Riley, City of Leonardville, and Pottawatomie County have contracts to use the facility.


v  The shelter provides housing for stray, surrendered animals, and animal court cases.


v  Stray, healthy animals are held five days to be reclaimed by their owners. After five days if the animal has a stable disposition and is in good health it is made available for adoption.


v  Animals surrendered by their owners are evaluated for health and disposition prior to being available for adoption.


v  Animals can stay in the shelter as long as they are healthy and mentally stable, and the shelter has the resources available to care for them.


v  The shelter is open to the public six days a week (Thursday through Tuesday, including Saturday and Sunday) from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and available for reclaims and drop off’s (lost and found) on Wednesdays from 3pm to 5:30 pm. The shelter will be closed holidays.  The staff cleans, evaluates, vaccinates and deworms the animals in the mornings from 8 a.m. to 12:30 daily.


v  Animal Control Officers respond to calls from 8 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. daily.  They also assist in the shelter as needed.


Many people view a shelter as the last resort for placing an animal.  This thinking is wrong.  Terrible fates befall animals given away for free or abandoned on the streets and roads.  We strive to educate the public about the true future of a free or abandoned animal





Come Visit Us

We are located at 605 Levee Dr, Manhattan KS 66502.

Simplest directions are from Walmart in Manhattan. Head north (away from Dillions) on Hayes drive. Walmart tire/lube should be on your left. At the stop light at McCall, go straight. The next intersection is a right turn only (left is a parking lot), onto Levee Dr. We are about 2 blocks along on Levee, on the North or left side of the roadway.

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