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Huntington County Humane Shelter

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Upcoming Events:

Check us out and like us on Facebook watch for upcoming events. Watch for Society/Shelter changes and events in the near future. Come join us. We appreciate your commitment in helping displaced/homeless animals that come to our shelter!!! 4 paws to you!!!! Thanks again for your support!!!! The Huntington Humane Shelter is in desperate need of clay litter, trash bags, bleach and kitten chow and laundry soap!! Please help us with your donation of clay litter (NOT the scoopable) Thank You for all you do for our little ones!!! Check out our "Puppy Closet" for items like: bumper stickers, magnets, ribbon magnets, key chains.....etc!! All of these items can be purchased Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 12pm until 5pm. We Are Closed on Wednesday and Saturday at the Huntington Humane Shelter. Please come and visit our friends at the shelter. And while there check out the Susan Dreyer Sharpe Memorial Dog Park!!! Get your dog a Membership to the park, for more information contact the shelter staff during business hours!!

Who We Are

We are a small, not-for-profit humane shelter operating on city funding (ACO), donations, fundraising, grants, and private donations. In 2010 we broke ground for the new kennel area and have been renovating ever since. We are nearing completion but are in still need of funding to finish the projects. We are an "all admittance" sheltering facility, depending on adoptions and rescues for placement of our animals. Our rescue program is growing daily. We occasioanlly look for those who are willing to help transport animals to meet rescue representatives, if this is something that you are interested in doing contact the shelter and ask for Mary and as always we invite all to visit us at anytime, we look forward to each visit.

Adopting a friend

For information regarding any of our pets on Petfinder, please contact the shelter at (260)356-0355 You must be 18 years of age or older to adopt an animal from us. You must complete an application which asks for housing information, veterinary information, previous pet history, and your plans for the animal you'd like to adopt. The application process requires a 24-hour approval period before adoption can take place. We microchip spay/neuter all animals before they leave the shelter, unless authorized by the Operations Manager.

Adoption Application

Adoption Application (Please print) Name ______________________________________ Home Phone ______________________________ Address ________________________________________________ Work Phone ____________________ City _______________________________ State _______________ County ___________ Zip ________ I am 18 years or older ___ yes ___ no I am head of my household ___ yes ___ no Rental homes, apartments, and some mobile home parks often have restrictions on pets. Please do not be offended, but we are required to verify home ownership. I ___ own ___ rent If renting, name of landlord _________________________________ landlord phone _______________________ I ___ have ___ have not discussed this with my landlord. I ___ have ___ have not paid my pet deposit. Number of children in household _______ Their ages _____, _____, _____, _____ Have children had interaction with ___ dog ___ cat ___ other ____________________ I am applying for adoption for ___ myself and my family ___ gift Does anyone in the household have pet allergies? ___ yes ___ no Because we would like to assist you in choosing a compatible pet companion for you and your family and your lifestyle, we cover the following areas as well: I am interested in a ____ cat ____ dog (under 20 lbs) ____ dog (20-40 lbs) ____dog (over 40 lbs) Other _______________________ Will dog be ___ indoor ___ outdoor Some active, larger, and all outdoor dogs require a safe area in which to be out-of-doors provided by a fenced-in yard. Is your yard fenced? ___ yes ___ no If yes, is yard completely enclosed? ___ yes ___ no In the past 5 years I have owned (# of) _____ dogs (# of) ____ cats other: __________________ (type & #) If no longer with you, what happened to them? _____________________________________________________ Please list all current pets and all appropriate information for each pet: Name/Breed Spay/Neut Owned Age Sex (How long) __________________ Yes No _____ _____ M/F __________________ Yes No _____ _____ M/F __________________ Yes No _____ _____ M/F __________________ Yes No _____ _____ M/F __________________ Yes No _____ _____ M/F Do current pets live ___ inside ___ outside Veterinarian’s name __________________________ Veterinarian’s address ___________________________ City ___________________ State_______ Zip_________ Phone (_____)_________________ Fax (_____)_________________ Are all pets in your home current on Rabies vaccinations as well as all other vaccinations and county taxes that apply? ___ yes ___ no To assist you with appropriate pet training, please answer the following questions: On a daily basis, my pet will spend how many hours outside? _______ On an average workday, my pet will be left alone _____ hours. When your pet is alone, where will he/she be kept?________________ At night, where will your pet be kept? ___________________________ 1. I understand that some animals require a fenced yard and that a department representative may visit my property to ensure that the fenced area is secure and large enough for the animal I have chosen. ___ yes 2. I understand the MANDATORY spay/neuter policy. ___ yes 3. I am aware and agree that if, at any time, I can no longer care for this pet, I may not sell or give it away, but must return it to Huntington Humane Shelter. ___ yes 4. I understand that pets can live 15 years or longer and can cost up to $500.00 each year for basic nutrition and veterinary care. I am willing to accept this responsibility. ___ yes __________________________________________ ____________ applicant’s signature date We would not knowingly place an animal with a serious health condition. It may not be known if a stray or previously owned animal has been exposed to an illness or has a hidden genetic disorder. Under these conditions, we cannot guarantee the health of this pet. You may have veterinary expenses for basic concerns such as ear mites or intestinal parasites (worms). If your veterinarian determines a more extensive illness at initial examination, please return the pet within 30 days of adoption for an adoption refund or let us help you find another pet. You may choose to keep the pet, but additional costs incurred will be your responsibility. The information I have given in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand Huntington Humane Shelter reserves the right to approve or reject this application. Applications are often approved pending current pet vaccinations, fence repairs, and landlord approval and deposits. In fairness to the animals, the selected pet may be “held” overnight to allow for time to take care of these items. An individual animal will not be taken out of adoptable status and held for an extended period of time. I understand, as previously explained, that you will be contacting my veterinarian for vaccination and health history of the pets that I currently own or have owned in the past and verification of my adopted companion(s) required first appointment. I release my veterinarian to provide that information to you. I am aware that prior to placement of a pet from Huntington Humane Shelter, my currently owned pets must be current on ALL vaccines, including rabies vaccine. To protect my animals at home, if they are not current, same species adoptions will require a waiting period for my own pets to gain immunities provided by the vaccines (at least 14 days). _______________________________________________ _________ applicant’s signature date Please specify on your application, the companion animal you are applying for. Completed applications may be e-mailed(cut and paste) to ------ or faxed to (260) 358-5522.

Come Visit Us!

We are located just off US 24 ( Thurman Poe Way) on the east side of Huntington, Indiana. HOURS: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 12 noon until 5 pm, Wednesday and Saturday CLOSED. Thank you !
Huntington County Humane Shelter
390 Thurman Poe Way
Huntington, IN 46750
Phone: 260-356-0355
Fax: 260-358-5522
Email: " Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

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