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We are in need of foster families in Central Indiana. We also will accept fosters in Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland areas. All costs incurred as a foster are tax deductible.


We rely solely on donations from people like you in order to be able to pull, vet, and feed Basenji and Shiba Inu dogs, as well as promote the dogs for adoption.


Without fosters and donors, we cannot continue to save these dogs. Please donate whatever you can. No donation is too small.


Your donation is tax deductible. Tax ID number 16-1633439 - 501C3 Nonprofit & Indiana nonprofit registered.


We are always in need of donations for food and medical care of our special need permanent residents. Donations can be made via Paypal to nicollejoy@comcast.net on paypal or mailed to Americas Basenji and Shiba Inu Rescue, 6615 Wedgeport Ln, Indianapolis, IN 46259. We are registered with PayPal as a non profit organization. You can also visit our Facebook page or website to donate.




In lieu of monetary donations, we also have an Amazon Wishlist. Go to smile.amazon.com and pick us as your charity. Our wishlist can be found here. Please copy/paste this URL into your web browser.


Adopting A Friend

Prior to adopting, if you have never owned a Basenji/Shiba Inu (whichever breed you've decided upon), you should research the breed. Shiba Inu dogs are more aloof and independent than other standard breeds. They are more like cats. There are other unique qualities to these breeds that often lands them in shelters/rescue. Research the breed and find boards with people who have them prior to adoption.


Dogs are a commitment for their lifetime, please be sure you are ready for the time and financial commitment.


We encourage you to sign up for medical insurance (you get 30 days free through rescue) as well due to rising cost of veterinary care.


Adoption fee varies from $150 for mixed breeds, $250 for purebreds and up to $300 for puppies when available.


If interested in foster or adoption, please complete the application here: https://secure.mailjol.net/allforms/u/e31e62c0.php


Keep in mind this is only the first step in the adoption process. You are not obligated to adopt if there is not a match. We will review and if there are no problems, we will arrange a home check. If all goes well with both, then we will have an initial introduction. All family members/pets should be at the introduction, and neutral territory is best if there is another dog in the household due to territorial issues. 




Who We Are

Americas Basenji and Shiba Inu Rescue (ABSIR) began in 1999 as a rescue for the African Basenji and later expanded to include the Shiba Inu breed. We are a foster based rescue. We evaluate each dog prior to placement into foster or adoption. We have several permanent residents due to behavioral or medical issues.

We also will pull Basenji and Shiba Inu mixes.

Covering Indiana IN KY

Tax ID number 16-1633439
A 501C3 Nonprofit & Indiana nonprofit registered..






Come Visit Us

We are a foster based rescue so do not have visiting hours. Once your foster or adoption application has been approved and your homecheck has been completed, we can arrange a visit with your prospective new friend.

Please feel free to contact us via phone at 317-619-6444. You can email us at any/all of the following email addresses with any questions: keathrhymer@yahoo.com, Keath.Rhymer@comcast.net, nicollejoy@comcast.net

Contact Americas Basenji and Shiba Inu Rescue Inc.


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