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We are a city & county ran shelter that is dedicated to public safety, animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. Our staff is always available to educate the public about the health and welfare issues of animals. We enforce all city, county and state laws with regard to the treatment and ownership of animals.  We work hard to find homes for the animals in our shelter. We use the internet, News Print, Facebook and Adoption Events.

We also work hard to reunite lost and stray pets with their owners and are a huge advacate of Microchipping. If you lose your pet please visit your local Animal Shelter and post signs, posters with veterinarians and stores, as well as ads in the newspapers ( these are free ). Please ensure your animals are wearing a sturdy collar with their Rabies tag and your address at all times. With this and Mcrochipping it is a safe bet your animal will be returened home. We have to be the voice for the ones that can't tell us their names and address! .

Adopting a Friend

If you are interested in any of our fur friends, please feel free to call or come in and visit during our normal Kennel Hours.

Our adoption requirements are:

1) You must be 18 or older. If you live at home with parents you must bring them in also. If you rent you must have permission from the landlord. We need landlord information in order to verify having a pet is acceptable and any restrictions that may apply.

2) Adopter will need to fill out questionnaire and and adoption contract, along with a Microchip Infomation Form. This is a binding agreement with Greenfield-Hancock Animal Management. This simply states you are willing to provide all neccesary food, water, shelter and attention they require and if for any reason you no longer can care for them they are to be returened to us. No adoption fees to us or the vets will be refunded at any point.

3) This is not a first come first Adopt basis. We try to place animals in the most qualified home for them according to thier health, age & temperment to match their new owners environment. We will reviiew all applications put in for a certain animal and make the best judgement possible.

All adopted animals must be Pre-paid for Spay or Neuter and a Rabies Vaccine through a vet. Before they can go home they must also receive a microchip that will be registered through the Adopters Information. We have 6 Vets in the County / City to choose from for these required services that give a discount. Your own vet may also be chosen at thier own prices. If we have given them the 5-way Vaccine, Bordetella, Wormer and Flea Treatment the total price to us will be $35 including the Microchip.

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Volunteering and Donations

Volunteers are always welcome.  Just drop by and fill out a volunteer packet, get a shirt and start making a difference in a Life! The animals will Thank You for It!!! Volunteers 17yrs and under must have an adult parent/ guardian with them during any voluteering services on or off site.

We have a Wish List, But if you have anything and we mean anything you would like to donate please contact our office as we donate needed items to the public based soley on what gets donated to us. This is really true for people needing food. Wish List Daily Supplies  Paper Towels  Trash Bags (13, 33, 55 gallon)  Anti-Bacterial dish washing soap (Dawn preferred)  Hand Sanitizer  Bleach Kennel & Cattery Supplies  We only feed dry non colored food. o * Other brands of unopened food will be donated to families in need. ( We do use wet kitten food and liquid formula for the lil ones )  Head halters (Gentle Leaders)  Front clip harness  Folding Crates  Carriers  Kong brand of dog toys – small, medium, and large  Busy Buddy, Tricky Treat Ball,  Peanut Butter to fill the Kongs  Beef Broth  Compressed rawhide chews  Bully Sticks  Marrow Bones  Nylabones  Squeeze Cheese  Pet Toys  Pet Beds  Assorted small cat toys  Assorted cat treats  Catnip  Squeeze Cheese Any monetary donations please (make checks payable to "ANIMAL ENRICHMENT FUND") this is a specific fund used for the animals only.  Sometimes this is used for medicines, veterinarian exams, vaccinations, wormers, treats, bedding and more. We can only accept Check or Money Order at the Shelter. A Credit/Debit Card may be used via phone to City Hall Monday thru Friday before 4pm. and we can do this from our office too."

Come Visit Us!

Monday to Wednesday 9:30a.m.-4p.m., Thursday 11:30am.-5:30pm., Friday 9:30 am to 3:30pm Saturday & Sunday - Closed. These are our Adoption/ Volunteer Hours.

809 South State Road 9

Greenfield, In 46140

Telephone (317) 477-4367

FAX (317) 477-4369

We are located approximately 4 miles south of  I-70 on the eastside of State Rd.9 or

3/4 mile south of US 40 on the eastside of State Rd.9 or

about 8 miles north of Brookville Rd. (also known as US 52) on State Rd 9.


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